May 8, 2017

The advantages of glass bottles in beverage packaging

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The advantages of glass bottles in beverage packaging
1.The glass bottles is one of the package materials with high barrier property. It can prevent oxygen and other gases change the contents, and also can prevent the volatile constituents of contents enter to the air.
2.The glass bottles can be reused for many times, so we can reduce the packing cost.
3.The glass bottles can be changed its color and transparency easily.
4.The glass bottles are very safety and health. The glass bottles can be filled in acidic liquor as its ability of corrosion resistance and acid corrosion.
5.Besides, as the glass bottles is suitable for automatic filling production line of production,and the glass bottle automatic filling technology and equipment is very mature in the world, so use the glass bottles as beverage packaging can save many time, people and money.

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