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The 375ml boston round glass bottles is made from Shandong Yuncheng Ruisheng Glass Co., Ltd. The company is the one of the biggest high flint glass bottle manufacturers in China. Our company is mainly product all kinds of top grade and middle grade glass bottles.

The 375ml boston round glass bottles are made by high flint glass material, so this glass bottles are more clear, more durable and more smooth than the glass bottles from other factories.

There are many advatages for our this 375ml boston round glass bottless. For example, it is easy to carry because of its right volume and size. And we have many capacity of this glass bottles such as 375ml, 500ml, 700ml,  750ml and 1000ml. We can offer all them which you can choose according to your need. And our this 375ml boston round glass bottles are Eco-friendly, we know the importance of environmental protection,so we use the environmentally friendly material. What’s more, the round glass bottles have beautiful appearance, which are popular with many winery.

The details of this 375ml boston round glass bottles

The size of this 375ml round glass bottles is 75mm diameter and 175mm height.  Its mainly material is high flint glass. And its weight is 420g. The sealing type of this bottles is cork. There are three packing ways for this bottles. The first way is packed by standard export carton.  The second way is packed by pallet. And the last way is packed by carton and pallet.

Our main products are top grade glass bottle such as vodka bottle, brandy bottle, whiskey bottle, liquor bottle, jam bottle and so on. We also can offer amber glass bottle, green bottle and water bottle. Our main market is Europe, USA, Australia, America etc.And all products enjoy a high reputation for innovation and functionality.

If you are interested in our this glass bottles or want to make custm glass bottles, please contact with us.

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