May 24, 2017

How to make good quality glass bottles

Glass bottles is one of the very common glass container in nowadays. The glass bottles not only can used for packing liquor, but also can be used for packing chemical, and also can be used as vase. So the glass bottles have a higher and higher attention. For the glass bottles factory, if they want to improve the customer satisfaction and increasing the market share of glass bottles, they should keep the glass bottles in good quality. But as there are good glass bottles and bad glass bottles when they are finished. So how can we make good quality glass bottles? The editor will tell you some good idea.

First, we need to purpose the good raw material. It is the most important.We will make good glass bottles when we use the good raw material. If we use the unsound glass raw material, we cannot make sure the glass bottle in good quality.

Raw material of the high quality glass bottles

Second, we should take care the production technology. We should strictly according to the production process when making the glass bottles, such as the guarantee of the temperature and so on. And they are both the important factor for keep the glass bottles in good quality.

production technology of high quality glass bottles

The last but no the least one, we should take care of the storage environment. We should choose a better storage place even the glass bottles have a good antiseptic property. If we put the glass bottles in place with a hostile environment, the glass bottles are easy to broken. And the placement of the glass bottles are very important too. The reasonable placement can keep the good glass bottle and can reduce the broken glass bottles.

storage place

If we can make the glass bottle according the above ways, we can make more and more good glass bottles.

The not only product the glass bottles as the above way, and also has the strict QC ( quality Control) standards. We only send out the up to standard glass bottles.


The standards of the glass bottles as below:

1.The exterior of the glass bottles cannot be has any smutch of oil, water or other which different to clean. And the inside of the glass bottles cannot be has any foreign matter such as paper, insect, hair, cullet, metal, dust and so on.

2. They should keep the bottles mouth in the same size, and there is no crack, broken, burr. The glass neck should not skew or shift making it cannot be use when filling.

3.The thread should be smooth and no burr. It cannot be appear any distortion, mutilation, and roughness.

4.There is should has no decided upward, mold seam misalignment and burrs on the mold seam.

5.Any parts of the glass bottles cannot has any crack, broken and so on.

The glass bottles can be sent out if they are all up to these standards . If we can make the bottles according the standards, we will make the good glass bottles.

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