November 16, 2018

Manufacturing of Glass Bottle

Do you want to know how to make a glass bottle?

As one of the biggest China glass bottle manufacturing companies, Ruisheng focuses on the manufacturing of glass bottle since 2009. Our product is widely used in spirit, whiskey, brandy, vodka packing. Strict management and high-efficiency empty glass bottle production, not only guarantees spirit bottle quality and safety but also keeps the original mellow quality of the drink.

Our main product is 750ml spirit bottle, 700ml glass bottle, 1 liter glass bottle, etc. we also accept OEM order.  Ruisheng Wholesale spirit bottle is very popular in Europe, the US, Australia, Russia, and many other countries.

Glass bottle manufacturing process mainly goes through the Pre-processing stage, Pre-heating stage, Purification section, Dusting stage, and Drying process.

  • Pre-processing stage

In this stage, mainly include pre-off, main-off, surface adjustment, etc. In this process, need to pay attention to heat preservation, Otherwise, the treatment effect is not ideal.

Manufacturing of Glass Bottle

  • Pre-heating stage

After the pre-processing stage, it’s timed to enter the pre-heating stage. This process needs 8-10 minutes. When the glass bottle reaches the powder spraying chamber, it is necessary to make the workpiece to have a certain amount of residual heat to increase the adhesion of the powder;

Manufacturing of Glass Bottle

  • Purification

It’s a very important stage in the whole process of glass bottle manufacturing. So in this stage, we need high-level glass bottle manufacturing machines. If there is a lot of dust adsorbed on the workpiece, the surface of the workpiece after processing will have many particles, which will reduce the quality;

Manufacturing of Glass Bottle

  • Dusting

The key point of this stage is the technology of the powder spray master. We have hired more than 20 well-known powder spray master with high salaries.  We strictly control the process of spirit bottle, just want to provide you with the highest quality products.

Manufacturing of Glass Bottle

Manufacturing of Glass Bottle

  • Drying process

In this stage, we need to pay attention to the temperature and drying time.

Manufacturing of Glass Bottle

If you are interested in the manufacturing of glass bottle, welcome to visit Ruisheng glass bottle manufacturing factory.  We will show you more details.