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Top 10 Glass Bottle Manufacturers in Germany


In the quest for excellence in packaging, the choice of a glass bottle can make all the difference. Whether you’re a winemaker, a beverage company, or a pharmaceutical brand, partnering with a top-tier glass bottle manufacturer in Germany ensures you receive a product of the highest quality. We’ve compiled a list of the top 10 glass bottle manufacturers in Germany, each renowned for their craftsmanship, innovation, and commitment to quality.

About Shandong Yuncheng Ruisheng Glass Co., Ltd Founded in 2009, Shandong Yuncheng Ruisheng Glass Co., Ltd, located in Yuncheng Shandong, China, is one of the biggest super flint glass bottle manufacturers in China. The company mainly offer custom glass bottle wholesale service for liquor, spirit, whiskey, vodka, brandy, and other alcoholic drinks. The operation principle is high quality and high definition. Ruisheng Glass BottleDiscover Quality Glass Bottles, No Matter Where You Are:

While our article highlights the top glass bottle manufacturers in Sri Lanka , we want to ensure that distilleries and brands worldwide can access premium glass bottles. At Shandong Yuncheng Ruisheng Glass co. ltd, we take pride in being a leading glass bottle manufacturer in China, specializing in crafting high-quality bottles for a range of spirits, including whiskey, vodka, brandy, and more.

Our commitment to excellence and competitive pricing has made us a preferred choice for distilleries not only in China but also across the globe. If you’re seeking top-quality glass bottles with a touch of Chinese craftsmanship, we’re here to meet your needs.

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  • Key Product: Creative Bottles, Crates, and Closures
  • Established Date: 1895
  • Country and City: Munich, Germany
  • Review: Systempack is revered for its legacy and innovation in producing high-quality glass bottles. Their substantial experience in the industry and excellent customer service make them a reliable choice for diverse packaging needs.
  • Company Introduction:

Systempack has been the top glass bottle manufacturer and packaging for all purposes since 1895 to 2020 and still now. They are located in Sansibarstra 26A, 81827 Munich, Germany. They produce bottles from top to bottom industries. Systempack manufacturer is a topnotch and pioneer in packing, design, produce and deliver the glass bottles to clients. Customers from various sectors rely on this manufacturer as well. This manufacturer is delivering high-quality glass bottles to meet your needs. Systempack manufacturer in Germany is professional in producing good quality bottles for various clients. Systempack Company produces creative bottles, crates and closures. Printing and refining boxes from this manufacturer is satisfactory as well. The price is quite reasonable to buy their glass bottles. You can pick the best quality glass packages from this manufacturer. Glass package from this manufacturer is durable and fulfill the clients need. Systempack manufacturer has decades of experience in the drink industry. Now, they are the 4th generation manufacturer of delivering high-end glass bottles. They have broad suppliers to increase the production value. Apart from glass packaging, this company offers ironing, manipulation and crate packaging. Systempack Company is delivering plastic boxes into glass bottles with volume of 250ml, 300ml, or 1000 ml for clients need. Apart from this, wooden boxes are always prepared by this manufacturer. Plastic boxes from them are individually colored and printed as well. The wooden boxes from them are handcrafted one. The plastic boxes and glass bottles can be coloured and printed as per your design ideas. Systempack manufactures glass bottles, bottle crates, closures, product development and service to customers. Systempack is now a current-generation company supplying durable glass bottles to customers. Now, this manufacturing unit is expanding with a high storage warehouse and shed.

Flaschen Wittmer:

  • Key Product: Wine and Spirits Bottles
  • Established Date: 1961
  • Country and City: Kirrweiler, Germany
  • Review: Known for their wide range of shapes and colors, Flaschen Wittmer excels in producing creative and high-quality bottles. Their introduction of the long cap wine closure highlights their innovative approach to bottle manufacturing.
  • Company Introduction:

Flaschen Wittmer has been the best and leading glass bottle manufacturer in Germany since 1961. This company produces high-quality bottles for wine, spirits, and beverages. In 1981, the manufacturer crafted and produced around 35 bottle shape and colors. But, in the early 1980s, customers responded to the design and the first bottles were from French and Italian glassworks made by this company. In the mid-90s, Flaschen Wittmer introduced long-cap wine closure in Germany to sustain redistribution of the bottle. Flaschen Wittmer includes range of bottles and screw caps at this time. In 2000, the delivery of bottles are being shifted to rail and track system introduced in hand with own vehicle fleet. The company is producing glass bottles by manual or machine processing. In many designs, Flaschen Wittmer produces high-quality glass bottles for clients. The manufacturer is popular for producing inspiring and creative bottles. Currently, this German glass company has 7 trucks and 25 employees. This company is a partner in the beverage and food industries. They produced nearly 400 different bottle shapes and colours. Today, they are the wholesaler in the German glass industry. In 1961, this company was established to manufacture high-quality glass bottles for food and beverages. Their main products are for the wine and spirits sectors. Flaschen Wittmer is now in the top position in selling branded bottles. Within a short time, they manufacture 35 bottle shapes and colours. In 2006, the sole proprietorship was converted into bottle wholesaler Wittmer and Co with limited partner. Their trademark is long cap wine closure in Germany. This manufacturer produces collections of bottles and screw caps. Selling quality glass bottles is the main goal of this company. Flaschen Wittmer manufacturing is located at Raiffeisenstraße 24 a, 67489 Kirrweiler. This manufacturer has a good market share in current status. They can sell high-quality and unlimited bottle collections. Producing quality glass bottles is their main motive.

Hillebrandt Glas:

  • Key Product: Spirits and Wine Bottles
  • Established Date: 1986
  • Country and City: Berlin, Germany
  • Review: Hillebrandt Glas stands out with its durable and flexible glass bottles. Serving a broad range of industries, they are highly valued for their consistent quality and reliability as a supplier.
  • Company Introduction:

Hillebrandt Glas is a leading glass bottle manufacturer in Germany. Their role is to produce quality bottles for the spirits industry. They are popular as reliable suppliers in the wine industry. In the brewing industry, their bottles play an important role. The company produces nearly 200 variants in many shapes and colours. Hillebrandt Glas introduced foreign glassworks with its moulding tools. Quality is the main thing we can see in this manufacturer. This manufacturer is expertise in selling high quality glass bottles. The glass bottles are flexible and strong. Hillebrandt Glas is a famous bottle wholesaler in Berlin. Their branded bottles have partnered with Berlin Spirits Company for 10 years. The company has successfully managed to sell quality spirit bottles. In 1986, this manufacturer is successfully producing high-quality glass bottles for the clients. Among others, Hillebrandt Glas is popular for its quality and durable bottles. To meet your requirements, Hillebrandt Glas is a top company in designing and selling bottles. Their role is to deliver bottles for small business Spirits Company. Hillebrandt Glas has a good reputation for producing quality glass bottles in Germany. They are a reliable supplier to the wine and brewing industries. Hillebrandt Glas supplies to many companies in the fruit juice and spirits industries. This company has its warehouse and operates exclusively in the drop shipping business. Now, this manufacturer is the leading supplier in the European glass industry. Their cost is moderate when comparing others. Customer satisfaction is the main motive of this supplier. In the bottle industry, this is a leading company right now. Today, bottles and jars produced by Hillebrandt Glas are made up of quality and durable ones. They are the retail chain and well-known discounters for selling bottles. Hillebrandt Glas glass bottles performance is speechless, among others. Their competitiveness is wider day by day as well. BA Vidro:

  • Key Product: Glass Containers for Beverages and Pharmaceuticals
  • Established Date: 1912
  • Country and City: Germany
  • Review: BA Vidro combines tradition with innovation, producing high-quality glass bottles with a focus on sustainability and customization. Their timely delivery and dedication to quality make them a preferred partner across various sectors.
  • Company Introduction:

BA Vidro is the leading glass bottle manufacturer in Germany. The company is also known for providing the best quality glass containers. Started in 1912, the company ’Barbosa e Almeida’ is one of the leading companies dedicated to the commercialization of various products. Raul da Silva Barbosa, as well as Domingos de Almeida, were the partners 1912 who started the company. BA Vidro especially has an amazing vision of reaching beyond the dream in the packaging industry. The company has the mission of going even beyond making glass containers. Main aim of the company is to take part in the creation along with innovation of quest. These help to easily provide the best quality glass production even without any hassle. Staff in the BA Vidro has been focusing on excellence in all the operations. The research team believes that sustainable innovation requires excellence. Normally, the Value creation is important for driving the support for the clients. In 1930, the company started its industrial activity across Campanhã (Porto), enabling semi-automatic technology. Normally, the advancement in automation leads to more introduction of new technology in glass production. The company works on different aspects, such as Glass bottle manufacturing and many more. These are used in various applications such as glass milk bottles, glass oil bottles, and more. Main aim of the company is to deliver the products on time. Glass bottles are also provided for the pharmaceutical sector, such as glass vials, pill bottles, glass syrup bottles and more. These also involve providing greater results with better attributes in all aspects. The company is well-versed in adding Customization to glass bottle making. The company creates glass bottles for various brand owners from various sectors, such as cosmetics, juicing, water, and more.

KP Glas:

  • Key Product: Beer, Wine, Juice, and Spirits Bottles
  • Established Date: 1965
  • Country and City: Germany
  • Review: KP Glas is synonymous with quality and eco-friendly production. Their comprehensive portfolio caters to multiple industries, offering precision and reliability through advanced manufacturing technologies.
  • Company Introduction:

Established in 1965, KP Glas is a reliable and renowned glass manufacturer known for providing the finest quality glass products. The company implements the traditional German packaging concepts which are completely made with Glass. KP Glas is also the largest glass bottle manufacturer in Germany, especially known for its longer tradition across the industry. The company uses the long-standing tradition for its quality production, and it reaches maximum reliability. In the modern day, most glass manufacturers rely on the use of advanced technology. These also extensively provide better methods for reaching a better level. Reliable glass bottle manufacturers in the country are especially involved in producing beer bottles, wine bottles, juice bottles, and more. The company has massively reached customers from across the world with its outstanding results. KP Glas offer bottles for different industries such as

  • Beer
  • Wine and sparkling wine
  • Juice or AfG
  • Spirits
  • Water

The KP Glas is well-versed in producing glass bottles for food, cosmetics, beverages and more. Well efficient team stands out for producing the best quality with maximum precision. Apart from these, the company also relies on bringing glass materials of the finest quality. These also make the products completely improvised with the demand to the extent. The glass manufacturer is located all across the country with has a respective portfolio based on regional needs. KP Glas is known for its use of massive technology in the production sectors. There is a range of products and services available, which helps to easily focus on the level of satisfaction. From 1965 KP Glas is also known for producing glass bottles in an eco-friendly manner. Making Sustainable production using completely eco-friendly materials also helps the environment.

  • Key Products: Champagne, Olive Oil, and Wine Bottles
  • Established Date: 1992
  • Country and City: Germany
  • Review: Euroglas provides an impressive variety of glass bottle shapes and sizes. Their focus on eco-friendly solutions, such as the Ecolution series, makes them a standout choice for cost-effective and sustainable packaging.
  • Company Introduction:

Established in the year 1992, Euroglas is one of the trusted bottle dealers for making bulk purchases. These are suitable options for extensively achieving amazing glass packaging, closure solutions and empty bottles. These are also available in a highly standard manner to improve their quality. Euroglas is well-versed in providing quality champagne bottles, olive oil bottles and more. The company also provides wine bottles in different shapes and sizes suitable for your requirements. Euroglas also offers the best quality products online reaching more customers from across the world. There is a great variety of glass bottles available with varied filling quantities. The company also provides organic spritzers, health shots and many other glass packaging in an efficient manner. These also involve prominent finishing options giving you absolute attributes. Euroglas is also renowned for bringing the Ecolution series as it helps customers to save more money. Maximum compatibility for filters also changes with reduced unit costs along with improved handling aspects. It also involves consistent stability in the product level of glass bottles. Using the right bottles helps to easily cover the quality of products such as oil, wine or others.

Berlin Packaging:

  • Key Product: Glass Containers for Food, Beverage, and Personal Care
  • Established Date: 2016
  • Country and City: Germany
  • Review: With an extensive product catalogue and innovative packaging solutions, Berlin Packaging serves a wide spectrum of markets. Their global network and commitment to quality ensure they meet diverse customer needs efficiently.
  • Company Introduction:

Started in 2016, Berlin Packaging lets you easily discover the best glass container suitable for your product. With more than 2.100+ packaging professionals, Berlin Packaging is well efficient to easily find prominent packaging of the product. These also involve gaining access to more capacity and even type of closure. Berlin Packaging is a great innovative leader in designing and distributing containers. There is an amazing, extensive catalogue of about 3,000 products available in the inventory. These involve glass, plastic, metal packaging and more. Glass containers have been used for various purposes, such as food, beverage, pharmaceutical and other sectors. The company also supports the B2B and B2C markets across various industries such as

  • Beverage
  • Food
  • Personal Care
  • Home Fragrance Industrial
  • Beauty

Berlin Packaging also gained the Sevilla (Spain)-based company called Juvasa Group. It also massively contributed to the Berlin Packaging on making extensive experience. It also involved massive knowledge on packaging to reach more numbers of customers in 15 countries. Berlin Packaging EMEA also contributes more to the country and become the world’s largest Hybrid Glass Packaging Supplier. These have been serving for more than 100 years across the packaging industry, and there are 100+ packaging professionals working. The company has become a global network of suppliers providing the best range of packaging for customers. Berlin Packaging has been providing services for different end markets like Home Fragrance, Food, Personal Care and many more.


  • Key Product: Beer, Wine, and Spirits Bottles
  • Established Date: 1852
  • Country and City: Steinbach am Wald, Germany
  • Review: Wiegand-Glas is a pioneer in sustainable glass packaging. Their comprehensive services and high recycling rate make them an excellent choice for eco-conscious clients seeking high-quality packaging solutions.
  • Company Introduction:

Wiegand-Glas is one of the leading glass bottle manufacturers in Germany, which was founded in 1852. The CEOs are Nikolaus Wiegand & Oliver Wiegand. The headquarters is located in Steinbach am Wald, Germany with around 1,950 total employees. Here, you can find multifaceted and sustainable glass products at the best rate. If you want the inert and high-quality glass packaging concept, then this company can offer you an exclusive product packaging service. The glass bottles available here can be effectively customized and follow all the premium standards for manufacturing. The subsidiaries of this manufacturer are Wiegand-Glas (SA) (Pty) Limited, Glaswerk Ernstthal Gmbh & Co. KG, Thuringer Behatterglas GmbH and Pet-Verpackungen Gmbh Deutschland. Here, you can get 2,000 different glasses and bottles almost exclusively. There are additional services you can get from this firm, such as taking care of the packaging, finishing & ironing of the glass bottles. If you visit this company, you can get everything from a single source. Your products will be packed in a glass most innovatively and individually. Go through their product catalogue and check out the different varieties of beer bottles, wine bottles, spirits bottles & some other glass packaging without any issues. They are recycling the old glass for around 98%. It is the maximum proportion of any used glass that is effectively useful for glass protection. The most effective advantage of the glasses is that they can be reused and recycled anytime without compromising the quality. Glass bottles are incredibly versatile and sustainable. For those who want top-notch quality packaging for the product, you can go with the glass packaging. Apart from that, there are also many specialities you can grab from this manufacturer in Germany. For those who want to add great value to their packaging, it is the right time for you to make use of this service provider. Due to that, they provide you with some additional services based on the glass packaging. Check out the exclusive possibilities for the product. They can implement & develop various individual solutions along with their customers. The company group has a great reputation and values. Many things are motivating them, and many things are essential to them. Tradition, quality and innovation are the key factors of this company. Here, the business group provide innovative and exclusive packaging concepts made of PET and glass. They have more years of experience in production and development, and with that, they have become the most successful glass bottle manufacturers in Germany. They also have some effective regional roots as a worker in Thuringia and Bavaria. They offer their customers integrated and complete solutions with their dedicated employees in PET, glass, energy divisions and logistics. The firm has centuries of experience in this field and follows both innovation and tradition together. The family group of this company has been associated with material glasses for more than 450 years. Hence, they don’t skip their tradition at any cost. The company follow their company values in various business areas. PET, Glass, energy and logistics are great areas of expertise to commit every day to ensure that their customer receives an only quality product. The business group provides you with exclusive services and products from a single source. Along with the production and development of glass containers for the food and beverage industry, there are performs, PET bottles, injection moulded parts & KeyKegs are available. The product competence includes various logistic services, glass recycling, storage & transport of renewable energy.


  • Key Products: Healthcare, Pharmaceutical, and Cosmetic Glass Bottles
  • Established Date: 1805
  • Country and City: Germany
  • Review: With over 200 years in the industry, Stoelzle offers premium glass bottles known for their quality and aesthetic appeal. Their extensive network of manufacturing plants ensures consistent supply and innovation.
  • Company Introduction:

Stoelzle is also one of the leading glass bottle manufacturers in Germany, which was founded in 1805. It became the basis of Stoelzle Glass Group in 1987. Karl Smola is the founder of this organization. The company has developed a highly exclusive and brand-new packaging solution for healthcare and wellbeing products. Here, you can discover the premium standard collection of glass bottles. Here, you can find ten bottles and three lines that are perfectly fit for every business. They have around 200 years of expertise in producing high-quality glass bottles effectively. The company is from the Stoelzle Glass Group, which depends on its 200 years of expertise in this field as the leading manufacturer of high-quality glass bottles. The company’s network comprises of 3 decoration sites, 7 manufacturing plants and more sales offices across the globe. They serve their customers with the most effective primary packaging made up of eco-friendly and sustainable glass material. Here, you find vast collections such as premium glass products for prestige spirits, the food industry, pharmaceutical and cosmetic goods & perfumery. They manufacture extraordinary glass bottles from high quality material glass. Then here, the machine will run 24/7 to create award winning and stunning glass bottles. Here, each product is unique and different. Therefore, it needs individual service. They will offer their customers the complete solution. They have an experienced team to help them to find the right product packaging. They provide everything from a single source to ensure that the product can be packaged & presented very effectively.

Semadeni AG

  • Key Product: Customized Glass Bottles
  • Established Date: 1952
  • Country and City: Germany
  • Review: Semadeni AG excels in producing high-quality glass bottles with a focus on sustainability. Their innovative designs and commitment to a circular economy model make them a leader in the industry.
  • Company Introduction:

Semadeni AG is also one of the leading glass bottle manufacturers in Germany, which was founded in 1952. Mr Andrea Semadeni is the founder of this company. They are from the Semadeni Industry Group. Generally, this group is a medium-sized industrial group & combines many industrial manufacturing firms with an extraordinary focus on plastics. The major ambition is to effectively convert the business models from linear to circular factors to use or reuse the secondary materials effectively. There are around 200+ employees from four companies with a turnover of around 57 Euro million. Here you can find many experts to manufacture glass very effectively. They have an extraordinary passion for manufacturing glass bottles. There are many 100% natural inherent properties you can explore. It can let you achieve the premium quality output. The precious material glass bottles enable the most exclusive bottle designs. You can manufacture the glass bottles in different shapes that perfectly fit the branding. Conclusion: The top 10 glass bottle manufacturers in Germany offer a wealth of options for those seeking the perfect packaging solution. From the traditional to the avant-garde, these manufacturers provide a spectrum of choices that cater to a variety of industries and preferences. We hope this guide has been instrumental in your search for the ideal glass bottle manufacturer. If you require further insights or wish to discuss your specific needs, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. Our team is equipped with the knowledge and resources to assist you in making an informed decision.

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