Every Spirit Bottles are all permeated with exquisite craftsmanship; every shape are all filled with cultural background.



 Top glass bottle manufacturer in China, Ruisheng proud to provide more than 300 series packaging glass bottles wholesale for Spirit, Liquor, Whiskey, Brandy, Vodka, Rum, Gin, Tequila, Water, Wine, and other alcoholic beverage drinks. Empty glass bottle ordered by our customers is constantly being shipped from Ruishng glass bottle factory China to European and American countries, among which the USA, France, Germany, Mexico, Scotland, Italian are the largest exporters.

50ml transparent glass bottle for liquor

This 50ml custom glass bottle can be used as both a alcohol drinking bottle and a perfume bottle, we can print your logo on it, and paint color what you want want. Our company has many years of experience, so you can trust us to make good glass bottles.

Super flint 500 ml liquor bottle

This series super flint 500 ml liquor bottles are made from Shandong Yuncheng Ruisheng Glass Co., Ltd, one of the largest glass bottle manufacturer in China. These round glass bottles are made by high flint glass material, which makes our glass bottle more clear, transparent, and not easy to break.

Chinese manufacture 700ml 750ml glass bottle

The Chinese manufacture 700ml 750ml glass bottle is one of our hot sale products. The meterail of this glass bottle is crystal white material extremely white material.

Whoesale 750ml glass bottle

This series empty gin bottle wholesale, adopts high quality super flint glasses, which makes glass bottle more transparent, clear and hard. It's welcomed to gin manufacturers, glass bottle wholesalers, supermarket, and etc.

Spirits 1000ml 1500ml glass bottle

Our this Spirits 1000ml 1500ml glass bottle can be used as vodka glass bottles, gin glass bottle, rum glass bottles and other spirits glass bottles.

Tansparent 750ml XO bottle

Our this Tansparent 750ml XO bottle is made in the top grade raw material. The liquor glass bottles will very clear, smooth and not so fragile as other glass bottles. Without frosted,  it's very clear. This Tansparent 750ml XO bottle is not lightweight glass bottle, you will know its texture when you get it in hand.

Complete Categories

More than 300 series of the glass bottle is available to choose from. Different Capacity from mini glass bottle 50ml, 200ml, 500ml, 700ml,750ml to 1.75 liter glass bottle. Ruisheng also accepts custom molded and printed glass bottle service. Free sample will be offered first.

Unbeatable Prices

Save 75% Cost by Buying Corked Glass Bottles Wholesale. Compare with more than 300 domestic and foreign competitors, the price of our products is the lowest among the same products.

Quality & Service

Ruisheng glass liquor bottles with corks have passed ISO9001ISO14001 quality system certification. The product is exported to over fifty countries around the world and is extremely praised by customers. Product quality exceeds the international level.

Quick Lead Time

If the glass bottle samples, we will send it via air freight: FedEx, UPS, DHL or trinitrotoluene are available among a week. The product will arrive within 20-30 days once the sample confirmed.