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750ml Glass Bottles Wholesale

Transparency. Purity. Classic. elegance. Health. Recycling… Ruisheng 750ml glass bottles wholesale, combines all of the excellent behaviors in one that exceeds other glass bottle packaging. We can loud and proudly say: Ruisheng Glass Liquor Wholesale is the first choice of the world’s top spirit brands.

A variety of glass shapes are available: round glass bottle, square glass bottle, long neck glass bottle, etc. Our bulk glass bottle for sale often used these 3 types stopper: Cork, Screw Cap, Guala Cap. If you need a special design, we can offer a custom service.

MOQ: 1x 40 GP (Around 26000-30000pcs)
-Free Sample Offered.
-Global Delivery Within 30 Days.
-OEM/ODM Service: Provide Glass Bottle Manufacturing Service/Bottle Design Service/Custom Glass Bottle Service

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MOQ: 1x 40 GP
Bottle Capacity:750ml(25oz)
Material:Lead-Free High Flint Glass
Bottle Size:Square, Round, Skull, Composite Bottles, etc
Color:Transparent, Brown, Blue, Green, White, Black, and etc.
Stoppers:Cork, Screw Cap, Guala Cap
Application:Brandy, Whiskey, Wine, Liquor, Vodka, etc

750ml glass bottles wholesale is one of the most common liquor bottle types, and also the international spirit bottles packaging standard. On the one hand, it’s easier to export/import between countries. On the other hand, laying on the consumer preferences – whatever sold well.

Ruisheng wholesale bottles adopt high flint glass material which makes our 750 ml bottles more transparent, clear and not easy to break. The bottle has a streamlined design, with concave and convex lines on the bottom and body to increase the friction between the bottle and the place of placement or the hand. While highlighting the sense of design, make the spirit bottles easy to store and transport, not easy to damage.

750ml Glass Bottles Wholesale: The Complete Guide

From the historical experience in review and summary of history, in the summary of history can look to the future. The glass industry has encountered unprecedented development opportunities, but also suffered an unprecedented development dilemma, the rational use of resources, energy saving and environmental protection and quality is the theme of future research and development.

First, glass products manufacturing history of the first leap

(A) Two mixer theory: the glass manufacturing process, “two mixer” theory is the production of glass bottles on the understanding of the first leap.

The origin of the “two-blending theory”: an international conference on the glass industry was held in the early 1950s, at which an engineer put forward the famous argument of “two mixers.” That is, in the glass manufacturing process to go through two mixing, one ingredient in the process of powder mixture of the importance of solid mixture accounted for 70%; second melting process of liquid mixing its importance accounted for 30%. Because, at high temperature of the glassy liquid, is still very thick, not as easy as people think of homogenization; and at room temperature under the powder, but easier to mix evenly. The arguments of the two mixers aroused the memories of glass manufacturers and engineers. At that time, mechanical and electronic technology has a higher level, so, in the 50’s electromechanical batch production line came into being, and soon to promote in various countries. The international conference is to promote the rapid development of the world glass industry, an important meeting, but also people on the glass manufacturing process on a major leap in understanding. In the history of international glass manufacturing has a milestone significance.

(B) Glass manufacturing began with awareness and philosophy, and finally quality and environmental protection

1. People before the start to the target, the first full understanding and good idea is very important, the product and technology from the backwardness of knowledge and ideas behind;
2. From the current point of view, most of the glass of raw materials, composition, size, moisture control has not been enough attention, still subject to the constraints of raw materials suppliers, is to create high-quality glass products, one of the bottlenecks;
3. At the same time do not pay attention to process aspects and details of the technical research and take measures;
The design and manufacture of the glass kiln is still in the stage of individual heroism, and various “four new technologies” have not been fully applied, such as the optimization of furnace structure, material application, insulation, Emission treatment, waste heat utilization, automatic control, etc.
4. At present, there is not a perfect modern medium and large glass furnace model for learning and reference, but also create high-quality glass, one of the bottlenecks;
5. Standardization work is very weak, national standards, industry standards, corporate standards and norms also lag behind the times. Technological progress standards should be the first, behind the standard is hindering the development of the bottleneck.
Enterprises and their products will eventually be subject to market quality and social environment of the test.

(C) 10 classic requirements for batch solids mixing

1.Glass raw material size: 60 ~ 80 mesh> 85%, especially mineral raw materials;
2. Glass raw material composition: stable, especially feldspar, silica sand mineral control;
3. Glass raw material moisture: 4. Glass raw materials weighing accuracy: 1% to 1/3000;
5. Feeding sequence: silica sand + soda + feldspar + auxiliary materials and small material;
6. Mixing time: 3 ~ 5 minutes;
7. Mixing uniformity: ≥96 ~ 98%;
8. Batch moisture content: 5 ~ 7%;
9. Broken glass: particle size ≤ 50mm;
10. Blending with the material added to the feeding blanking distance: ≤ 1 meter gap.

More than 10 is the classic quality requirements, enterprises should achieve standardized control. According to the “two mixer” theory, the manufacture of uniform glass, cold solid mixing should account for 70%, and relatively easy to do well, the key is to understand.

Glass bottles are one of the very common glass containers nowadays. The glass bottles not only can use for packing liquor, but also can be used for packing chemical, and also can be used as a vase. So the glass bottles have higher and higher attention. For the glass bottles factory, if they want to improve customer satisfaction and increasing the market share of glass bottles, they should keep the glass bottles in good quality. But as there are good glass bottles and bad glass bottles when they are finished. So how can we make good quality glass bottles? The editor will tell you glass bottle manufacturing process step by step.

First, we need to purpose the good raw material. It is the most important. We will make good glass bottles when we use the good raw material. If we use the unsound glass raw material, we cannot make sure the glass bottle in good quality.

glass raw material

Second, we should take care of the production technology. We should strictly according to the production process when making the glass bottles, such as the guarantee of the temperature and so on. And they are both the important factor for keeping the glass bottles in good quality.



Last but not least, we should take care of the storage environment. We should choose a better storage place even the glass bottles have a good antiseptic property. If we put the glass bottles in place with a hostile environment, the glass bottles are easy to broken. And the placement of the glass bottles is very important too. The reasonable placement can keep the good glass bottle and can reduce the broken glass bottles.



If we can make the glass bottle according to the above ways, we can make more and more good glass bottles.

The not only product the glass bottles as the above way, and also has the strict QC ( quality Control) standards. We only send out the up to standard glass bottles.


Quality Control

The standards of the glass bottles as below:

1. The exterior of the glass bottles cannot have any smutch of oil, water or other which different to clean. And the inside of the glass bottles cannot have any foreign matter such as paper, insect, hair, cullet, metal, dust and so on.

2. They should keep the mouth of the bottle in the same size, and there is no crack, broken, burr. The glass neck should not skew or shift making it cannot be used when filling.

3. The thread should be smooth and no burr. It cannot appear any distortion, mutilation, and roughness.

4. There is should has no decided upward, mold seam misalignment and burrs on the mold seam.

5. Any parts of the glass bottles cannot have any crack, broken and so on.

The glass bottles can be sent out if they are all up to these standards. If we can make the bottles according to the standards, we will make the good glass bottles.

As the proceeding of Economic Globalization expanding constantly and the Network Marketing developed, there are more and more End-Buyer purchasing goods directly from factories based in China Mainland. Some of them achieved wonderful results. But some of them occur the situation of price miscalculation, purchasing blockages, trade disputes and even unpleasant with manufacturer due to incorrect trade process and price accounting and tariff rate miscalculation. We are now sum up the import experience of the glass bottle industry for you to referring. Hope it can be helpful for you to choose reliable  glass bottle manufacturers in China.

Ruisheng Glass Bottle

Part one: How to seek out the only seller or manufacturer?

Please note that the grand scale factories are not your only choice, but the reliable factories.

It is better to seek reliable manufacture which can avoid losing contact after you have done the payment. Most important of all, you should find a manufacturer that matches your requirements, even if it is a smaller manufacturer, but it has quality products and reasonable pricing and provide a One-Stop purchase that you can also consider cooperating with.

* Figure out the seller integrity via their network trails.

Generally speaking, the experienced glass bottle manufacturers in China has a lot of trace on different E-commerce platforms, such as Google, B2B platform and the other technology platform. After browsing such a platform you may know more detail info about the manufacturer. You can also learn more info about the manufacturer and its CEO via SNS social media. In brief, to learn more about the manufacturer is conducive to building a trust relationship.


certification* In the way of factory and goods inspection to learn more info about the glass bottle manufacturers in China.

If you can, let your friends or inspection agent have fieldwork in manufacture to learn more detail info about their productive power and facility or Seller professionalism.

* Have a meeting with suppliers at the exhibition or exchange visit.

There are many times the suppliers will go to attending diverse Exhibitions of glass bottle such as Canton fair, Shanghai exhibition,Russia exhibition and South African conference and so on. You can take this opportunity to converse to suppliers about products and cooperation. And of course there are not all of them have a booth there, but you can make arrangements to meet the suppliers and exchange views with them in detail information about products and discuss the development trends of glass bottle industry. This is a good way to do it.

* If necessary, buyers can have a telephoning or video call to suppliers to figure out if they are professional.

A simple phone call or video call can solve problems quickly and effectively in sometimes, make procurement efficiency.

Part two: How to confirming products, designs, and MOQ?

In order to save the cost and have convenient transportation, the buyer should order the quantity in a full container as far as possible( 20GP, 40GP, 40HQ). If can not order full container, the buyer should make Shipping Mark and reinforce packaging.

1、After you find out the right glass bottle manufacturers in China, you may are indecisive before you place a full range order. We sum up some experience as follows:

Place order to the first cooperative supplier, the MOQ we suggest that it is better a full container. Full container loading can avoid goods damage from transportation. Besides, we suggest that should not more than 3 kinds of goods loaded in one container for one order. Goods more than 3 designs will make the manufacturer difficult to arrange the production and delay the lead time. Single products as the main purchasing and assisted with a few sample purchasing are better.

2、 What is custom made? It is manufacture to make the products according to your design views.

To seeking manufactures that are always willing to developing new design products. Telling your views of design to them detailedly. Assisted with the manufactures to drawing paper and make a sample before quantity production.

Part Three: As for the Price Terms

Price Terms are vital, they affect the freight cost

Remember to ask about the price terms when you got an inquiry, do not make any mistakes. ( EXW,FOB,CIF,DDP, etc. ). Believe that you paid for what you got. Do not bargain force prices down too much, in case the supplier selling shoddy products as best quality prices.

* FOB(Free on Board): Free onboard the port of shipment is applicable to sea and inland waterway transportation.
* EXW: It is an ex-works price. We need to get the goods ready and wait for the customer to arrange the carrier to pick up the goods.
* CIF(Cost Insurance and Freight):C.I.F. freight is applicable to sea transportation and inland waterway transportation.
* DDP(Delivered Duty Paid): After the exporter has gone through the formalities of import customs clearance at the destination designated by both the importer and the exporter, he shall deliver the goods to the importer.

Part four: How to confirm the Sample and Sample fee?

The importance of the sample can not be ignored

Sample order usually dispatched via Air Express, even though freight is a little bit expensive but requires a sample is vital and you can’t ignore this step.

After sample received, you need to check if it matches your requirements, if yes, require the glass bottle manufacturers in China to make quantity production according to the sample you received, otherwise ask supplier making sample over again. ( even just have a little bit differential in size, color or material). Please note that if it is just colour have differential, but product design is matched, just need to asking for color swatch again.

As for the sample that you are confirmed on the manufacturing workshop, please mark it and ask the supplier to save keeping it. Because this sample is the only standard of quantity production and cargo inspection.

There is a key point I have to mention. Please paying respect to the effort that the supplier made. Arrange payment for the Sample fee and Express charge in time.

If you are caring for product color particularly, do not forget to ask for as more as possible Color swatch from the glass bottle manufacturers in China.

Part five: Contract & payment terms

A completed and perfect contrast can avoid bad situations occurring.


When you are going to place an order, you should ask for a contrast from the supplier or Pro-forma Invoice and negotiate for payment terms and responsibility issues. (Such as what if leading time delayed?)

1. Account information & Beneficiary information verifying.
2. Verifying information on bank slip and tracking where the payment went.
3. How to protect your own patented products?
4. If manufacture will production according to our sample or design drawing?
5. What is the warranty? How to deal with if there are problems with products?
6. Double-check if your special requirements about products are writing on the contract, such as Shipping Mark, Certificate of Testing Report and so on.

Patent right: refers to the exclusive right granted by law by a citizen, legal person or any other organization to an invention-creation for which a patent has been granted within a specified period of time.

Part six: Quality Control in Production Process

Obedience to the principle of Quality first

1、Controlling the quality strictly when the production process in the manufacture (Inspection agent charges the finished product inspecting only).

2、Questions: How to ensure that the color of products is basically the same for each batch.

Keep the bottom of the glass bottles produced each time. When the customer wants to produce the glass bottles next time, just take them out and follow them, and send video confirmation to the customer. In this way, the color of each batch of products can be guaranteed to be the same.

3、How to controlling the production schedule?

4、Require the supplier prepare for repeated order Before goods leading, make sure that you still have plentiful times to solve problems if there are problems while production.

Part Seven: Goods delivery & Transportation advising

1、How to avoiding goods from damaged?

The following packaging methods can be adopted:
1.Standard export Pallet
2.Standard Carton + Dividers
3.Carton + Pallet
4.Dividers + Pallet
5.Wrap + Pallet

2、How to loading goods in containers and blocking containers?

Calculated the cube accurately are required before loading the goods and planed which goods be loading first if there are several goods. If there still have space left, please remember to fixed goods with steel wire to protect it from damaged.

3、In case of the situation of goods can not be loading up completely, how to deal with?

The buyer should let suppliers know which of items are must require to be loaded, in case quantity are more than container capacity.

4、Shipping time control

Calculate the production time and shipping time accurately, make sure the delivery time will not be delayed.

5、Buying insurance

And it is better for you to buying fully comprehensive insurance.

Part eight: prepare the customs declaration & custom clearance

Compliance with the customs rules of law entrust a clearing agent for operating the custom clearance.

It is very necessary to entrust a clearing agent to operating custom clearance, can Speed up import efficiency.

* Customs clearance:

Customs clearance can be carried out several days after the ship starts to travel and before it reaches the destination port, so as to deal with all kinds of things in a leisurely manner with ample time.

* ISF information networking:

Some countries need ISF information for customs clearance, such as the U.S.A. That requires the buyer to do the information networking within a fixed time, otherwise, it will Producing high fines. So the buyer should work in with suppliers to filling in the underlying information. Or pay a little bit fee to the supplier to handle this issue for save your time. It is better to remember the HS Code for various glass bottles.

* Information on Shipper & Consignee

As the B/L needs showing the Information of consignee, so if possible please telling all your related information to your supplier.( Including company name, detail address and contacts).

* Prepare the CIK number in advance.

Now lots of counties’ customs require Provided the CIK number. If you are on holiday or are going to start your holidays please let your supplier know all related information in advance. As a buyer, Europe and the United States and other regions have different holidays every year. Some shipping should be planned, try not to arrange the arrival in the holiday, it is suggested to keep a habit of reading emails, or have an emergency phone call.

* Documents sending to each other, buyer need to confirming the custom require Original doc or just copy only.

As for documents, different counties and customs have a different requirement. Also influenced by transportation method. Generally speaking, if dispatched via Air express, custom will just require the buyer to provide a copy of Doc. And sea shipping can be telex-release. any other special document customs require to provide Original such as CO, Fumigation certificate and so on, you can ask for the supplier to sending via FEDEX or DHL after you paid supplier Balance.

Part Nine: After-sales service & claim service

To seeking those suppliers who have perfect after-sales service

The main issues of after-sales service on glass bottles market including product broken, dealing with the claim, glass bottles use, product news update and so on.

Part Ten: Maintain a long term business relationship with suppliers

Regard one of suppliers as Long-term strategic partners have win-win cooperation with it.

For win-win cooperation, buyers have required exchange industry information and discuss the furniture industry development trends with suppliers from time to time, to be frank, and honest and to each other. Growing and developing together!

Part Eleven: For further cooperation

A reliable supplier is more important than a quality client. We are looking for a products regional agents now. We can provide our high-quality products to help you to build up an overseas warehouse to meet your end-customer. Building an overseas warehouse is a benefit for you to maintain your end-customer and save the delivery time, and it is also a good way to build-up nice reputations.

Have you got ideas about how to importing glass bottles and sign a contrast and Shipping issues after browsing this blog?

We are Shandong Yuncheng Ruisheng Glass Co., Ltd. , Warm welcome to get a quote from us. We provide One-Stop purchasing for your business!

Choosing Suitable glass bottle Manufacturers in China, do business easily and make cake bigger.