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Ruisheng Whiskey Bottle Wholesale
Ruisheng Whiskey Bottle Wholesale
Ruisheng Whiskey Bottle Wholesale
Ruisheng Whiskey Bottle Wholesale
Ruisheng Whiskey Bottle Wholesale
Ruisheng Whiskey Bottle Wholesale
Ruisheng Whiskey Bottle Wholesale
Empty Whiskey Bottles
750ml/1000ml Unique Vodka Bottles Bulk Price
Square Vodka Bottle
50cl Boston Round Glass Bottles Wholesale
Ruisheng Whiskey Bottle WholesaleRuisheng Whiskey Bottle WholesaleRuisheng Whiskey Bottle WholesaleRuisheng Whiskey Bottle WholesaleRuisheng Whiskey Bottle WholesaleRuisheng Whiskey Bottle WholesaleEmpty Whiskey Bottles750ml/1000ml Unique Vodka Bottles Bulk PriceSquare Vodka Bottle50cl Boston Round Glass Bottles Wholesale

As a leading China spirit bottle manufacturer, Shandong Yuncheng Ruisheng Glass Co. Ltd understands the importance of world-class empty liquor bottle packaging in elevating your brand and expanding distribution. For over 20 years, we’ve proudly served hundreds of distilleries and helped iconic spirits conquer global shelves through exceptionally crafted bottles.

Whether launching a new label or growing existing lines, trust us to transform your liquid artistry into irresistible vessels worthy of loyal patrons. Through mastery of glassmaking techniques, state-of-the-art printing technologies and relentless quality standards, we guarantee our empty liquor bottles reflect prestige at massive scales.

Order Information About Empty Liquor Bottles Wholesale

MOQ: 10000 PCS
-OEM/ODM Service Selective
-Free Sample Empty Liquor Bottles Delivered

-Global Delivery Within 30 Days

If you are interested in wholesale liquor bottle prices, please click the button to contact us.

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MOQ: 1x 40 GP
Bottle Capacity:50ml, 100ml, 250ml, 375ml, 500ml, 700ml, 750ml, etc
Material:High Flint Glass Material
Bottle Shapes:Square, Round, Skull, Composite Bottles, etc
Color:Clear, Green, Brown, Blue, White, Black, and etc.
Stoppers:Cork, Screw Cap, Guala Cap
Application:Brandy, Whiskey, Wine, Liquor, Vodka, etc

Custom Designs to Fit Your Vision

Our in-house design studio collaborates closely to envision prototypes reflecting your distillery’s soul. With a vast library of shapes and cooperative engineers, we precisely manifest complex concepts tirelessly tested for structural integrity.

Texture and emboss custom closures or sculpt bespoke shoulders enhancing brands through tactile sensation. Reset expectations of what mass production can achieve for exceptional design without compromise.

A Universe of Decorating Possibilities

From photorealistic UV printing in 8 colors to micro laser engraving, whatever visual signature crowns your expressions, our solvent-resistant coatings translate designs with diamond clarity. Screen, pad or hot stamping equally impress metallic or matte effects.

Enhance brand equity worldwide through 360-degree graphics legally compliant in every market. Leverage scale for limitless prototypes refining messaging resonating internationally through exquisite vessels.

Rigorous Quality Above All

Only bottles attaining our strict parameters depart our factory, built to protect precious liquids through industrial filling and decades of use. Automated inspection leverages AI to detect even microscopic variances across vast orders, validated by human sampling.

ISO and FDA certifications recognize food-safe manufacturing meeting global distribution needs. Personalized audits further reassure satisfaction with service far exceeding expectations at every interaction.

Unparalleled Savings on Luxury Designs

As one of the largest empty bottlers, we’ve optimized lean production and purchasing power to pass competitive rates for premium packaging onto clients of any size. Economies of scale never compromise on craft, while flexible minimums prove risk-free for concept validation.

Financing programs unlock affordable designs supporting online calculators modeling budget impact over multi-year forecasts. Our solutions remove barriers to superior brand-building through exemplary bottles reflecting your distinction for generations of patrons.

Let’s Grow Your Vision, Together

Schedule personalization with our representatives to explore lavish empty bottles optimizing your liquids’ showcase. From initial sketches transforming concepts dimensionally to warehousing partnerships expediting worldwide fulfillment, our end-to-end solutions augment your potential seamlessly.

Discover why distilleries partner exclusively with Shandong Yuncheng Ruisheng Glass Co. Ltd to elevate brand equity through the finest vessels unlocking global acclaim. Contact us today to transform your packaging vision!

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    The Press & Blow Process (1882) began with the idea of a bottle-making process until 1880. Many researchers have endeavored to use the container press process, which has been invented and put into production, as a glass bottle making process The first step. In 1882, Arbogast (Arbogast) in the United States to obtain a patent, which includes the use of pressure, transfer, and then blow molding in another mold into a glass bottle. Using the principle of this patent, it created pressure and blowing method of manufacturing jars of semi-automatic glass bottles of the era of technology, glass liquid 100% of the use. 1885 has been able to machine the mouth of the domestic production of thread canned glass bottles. So that the glass industry began a new era.
    At about the same time in 1885 the United Kingdom Ashley (Ashley) made by blowing and blowing the production of small mouth glass bottles of the basic principles. After careful analysis, he found that the mold must be upside down, mold bottom open up, in order to have enough holes to accept the glass gob. At the same time, the glass mouth must first shape, to make the embryo turn to mold, but also must use a vise to carry out the blank conversion and transfer. After a series of experiments, a process called “Settle Blow” and “Counter Blow” using compressed air in the preliminary mold was developed. Until today, although this process has been improved and improved, the basic principle remains unchanged.
    The above two methods of glass bottles, the principle is to make a billet, the initial embryo and glass bottles finished like baby and adult. This billet has a complete bottle. The preform is then manually or mechanically moved into the mold and blown into a final bottle shape. To make the final product.
    It is called the bottle two-step method, the two bottle-making process, making the bottle and the bottle at one time to complete, and make 100% of the glass liquid to be used, making bottle technology has been revolutionary development.

    Shandong Yuncheng Ruisheng Glass Co., Ltd. is one of the glass bottles manufacturer in China. Our factory offer different grade and size glass bottles for the customers.We can offer top grade glass bottles and middle grade glass bottles. And the glass bottle size from 50ml to 3000ml are all ok.

    Glass bottles are easy to broken, and heavy, but why people like them ? This is becasue the glass bottles enjoy exceptional advantage.

    The advantages of glass bottles in beverage packaging from glass bottles manufacturer

    1.The glass bottles is one of the package materials with high barrier property. It can prevent oxygen and other gases change the contents, and also can prevent the volatile constituents of contents enter to the air. The glass bottles manufacturer making the glass bottles in a mould. If the glass bottle sealing by cork or cap, the oxygen cannot into the glass bottle any more, so they can protect the liquid well.

    2.The glass bottles can be reused for many times, so we can reduce the packing cost. The glass bottles manufacturer making the glass bottle with high weight. The glass bottles is very druable, and not easy to broken in transport. So you can use them for many times.

    3.The glass bottles can be changed its color and transparency easily. As this glass bottle is flint glass bottle, we can painted any color on the surface and also can make frosted glass bottles.

    4.The glass bottles are very safety and health. The glass bottles can hold acidic liquor as its ability of corrosion resistance and acid corrosion.

    5.Besides, as the glass bottles is suitable for automatic filling production line of production,and the glass bottle automatic filling technology and equipment is very mature in the world, so use the glass bottles as beverage packaging can save many time, people and money.

    Our company is mainly product many kinds of glass bottles, if you want to know more information, please contact

    While opting for a spirit bottle, you need to make sure to choose the right spirit bottle manufacturer who creates and designs bottles that are precise and convenient for any spirit storage. The glass material should be strong and the neck shape matters a lot when it comes to spirits. The right neck length, style, and size of the bottle can be adjusted and customized according to your needs, while some glass bottle manufacturers only provide with ready-made bottles that are fast to purchase. We have mentioned down one of the top 5 spirit bottle manufacturers down below that will help you to choose the most suitable bottle.

    1. Stölzle Glass Group:

    Stölzle is a renowned company for glass packaging products specifically for spirited bottles. It has been providing glass packagings for many years and has vast experience in this field. Located in Austria, they not only provide on a national level but also export internationally to various countries. Stölzle has been awarded with many international awards and certificates for their quality glass bottle production. The company deals in all sorts of glass bottle packaging including 700ml spirit bottles and 750ml glass liquor bottles wholesale that have a huge demand in the market and are perfect for wine storage.

    1. Saver Glass:

    Saver Glass is an expert in creating the most suitable and stylish custom liquor bottles for all types of requirements. They customize according to the customer’s needs and provide with amazing quality spirit bottles. The numerous styles and designs provide endless options to the purchaser which gives him an opportunity to enhance the way of glass spirit packaging and offer something attractive in the market. Specifications like etching, punt shape, and finish can be added to the glass bottles for further attractiveness and beauty. The experts at Saver Glass can also help you achieve a unique design for your product

    1. Rockwood and Hines Glass LTD:

    Rockwood and Hines LTD is a glass manufacturer company located in China and is very respectable in the field of glass bottle manufacturing. Whether you want a perfume bottle or a bottle for rum, Rockwood has it all and customizes according to the customer’s needs. This company is the largest manufacturer of glass liquor bottles for sale. Rockwood exports their bottles to over 60 different countries and specializes in flint glass, blue or green glass, amber glass, and super flint glass. Decoration can be done on the bottles like sand blasting, spray painting, frosting, screen printing, and serigraphy to further enhance the beauty of these bottles.

    1. Berk:

    O.Berk is a company based in Newark in New Jersey and manufactures glass liquor bottles with corks through advanced technology and high quality material. They provide with various bottle shapes and sizes specifically for spirits that have different neck shapes and customizable sizes. Many other specifications like designing; photo realistic printing, sand blasting etc. can be provided by O.Berk with amazing results that satisfy customers and their products.

    1. Ruisheng:

    Shandong Yuncheng Ruisheng Glass Co., Ltd. is a huge China spirit bottle manufacturer and supplier of glass bottles and specifically spirit bottles. They have been producing bottles in all shapes, sizes, and designs for achieving various glass packaging techniques and to satisfy customers all over the world. Ruisheng produces glass bottles in super flint, flint and middle-grade glass bottles for all types of requirements and products. Bulk Spirit Bottles like 750ml spirit bottles, vodka bottles, brandy bottles, whiskey bottles, and liquor bottles are mostly manufactured in this company and are exported all over the world with the most buyers in countries within America, Europe, UK, and Australia.

    As a knowledgeable glass bottle manufacturer, by summation the orders for thousands of glass bottles purchased this year, Ruisheng has summarized 10 Most Concerned Questions About Glass Bottle Wholesale. I hope these queries and answers will offer to steer for your wholesale glass bottles business.

    1,What is the wholesale glass bottle price?

    Price is typically one among the foremost involved topics for bottle wholesalers and distributors. Customers typically need to shop for the most effective quality product among their worth vary.
    Glass bottles created in China are typically proverbial for his or her prime quality and low worth. because the largest manufacturer of glass bottles in China, Ruisheng has been committed to the look, production and sales of prime quality glass bottles. you’ll be able to undoubtedly get the foremost cheap worth from Ruisheng.

    2,Product Varieties and Quality

    The quality of the bottle is that the basis for the customer’s disposition to speak additional with the bottle manufacturer. only if internal control is among the cheap expectations of the client’s mind can the customer then contemplate the value issue. Therefore, quality is that the determiner in determinative whether or not customers can keep in mind to shop for.
    As a knowledgeable glass bottle manufacturer, Ruisheng glass bottle has passed ISO9001,ISO14001 quality system certification. The product is exported to over fifty countries around the world and is extremely praised by customers.
    For every job, free glass bottle samples confirmed by 2 parties (you shopper &we; company) are sealed and set a benchmark. The benchmark is employed in the scope of the quote, contract, production, and aftersales service.

    3, what is the Minimum Order Quantity?

    To use forty HQ container, the loading volume is about 40,000 pcs 375ml glass bottle, or 35,000pcs 500ml glass bottles, or 26,000-30000pcs 750ml bottles, or 20,000 pcs 1000ml glass bottles.

    4, What is the glass bottle packing method:

    We typically pack bottles in three ways in which:
    A. Carton packing
    1) Cardboard divider within the carton;
    2) 24pcs / carton;
    3)The carton size is according to the bottles’ size
    B. Pallet packing
    1) five-layer in one picket pallet;
    2) Cardboard in per layer;
    3) wrapper around the pallet,
    4) Pallet size: 1*1.2m
    C. Carton and Pallet packing
    1)several cartons in one pallet;
    2)24pcs in per carton;
    3)Pallet size: 1*1.2m


    5, Concerning Free Sample

    In order to satisfy the customer’s demand for bottle product, glass bottle makers typically offer free samples of glass bottles for customers’ reference before production. The free bottle sample meets the customer’s necessities for the looks of the bottle and ensures the standard of the bottle purchased.
    Ruisheng can give free samples if use our existing mold.

    6, Concerning Payment Method

    At present, we have a tendency to settle for payment in three ways in which:
    • T/T, fiftieth deposit, fiftieth before shipment
    • Paypal, fiftieth deposit, fiftieth before cargo or against the copy of B/L
    • Western Union.
    These 3 ways will presently cowl ninetieth of the world’s countries, of course, if you actually cannot pay through these 3 ways. don’t fret, allow us to grasp and that we can do our greatest to assist you to solve the matter.

    7,Concerning the Delivery Time

    If the samples, we will ship it via air freight: FedEx, UPS, DHL or trinitrotoluene are available among per week.
    If it’s an oversized batch of product, we have a tendency to typically use ocean transport. FOB/CFR/CIF Shipping all accepted. it’s concerning 20-30 days once the sample confirmed and find the deposit.


    8,Company’s Production Power

    The production capacity of an organization determines whether or not the company will undertake large-volume production orders, therefore guaranteeing the timely delivery of the product.
    Our bottle production plant covers a locality of 30,000 sq. meters and features a production capability up to 200,000 Sets Per Day. we have a tendency to guarantee that we will deliver on time throughout the contract amount.

    9,Will offer style and Custom Glass Bottle Service?

    Design and customization capabilities are a manifestation of a company’s comprehensive strength. Our company has over 20 well-known bottle designers reception and abroad, and is absolutely capable of coming up with glass bottles that meet the requirements of shoppers. At the identical time, we have a tendency to undertake OEM/ODM orders. you’ll be able to offer whole brand, GFX like bottle packaging, bottle style sample drawings, etc. we will manufacture and method in keeping with your necessities.

    10,After Sales Service

    In case of the product you received with the quality issue, please take photos and tell Ruisheng the defected amount, we have a tendency to along can take away the sealed benchmark bottle samples, if it’s confirmed responsibility at our aspect, we’ll replace the defected things to you. Also, we’ll issue quality complain report back to have automotive (correct action response) so such defect not happens any longer.
    If you’ve got any other questions on the wholesale glass bottle, please feel free to contact us.