1000ml Glass Bottles

In this category of 1000ml glass bottles, you will find many shape 1 liter glass bottles. Our this 1 liter glass bottle can used as beverage glass bottle. It is such as wine glass bottle, vodka glass bottle, whiskey glass bottle and other spirit glass bottles.

The shape of the 1 Ltr glass bottle

About the empty 1 liter bottles, we can make the bottle with round shape, square shape, ball shape, flat shape and other custom shape. The round shape bottles can be made similar as the clear grey goose vodka bottle, or as boston glass bottles. And the ball shape 1 ltr glass bottles is like a light bulb. If you want to make the bottle with your custom shape, we also can do it for you.

The sealing type of the 1000ml glass bottles

The mainly of this glass bottle is cork sealing type. And we can offer the cork for you. There are some kinds of cork in our factory. Such as high polymer cork, complex cork, wooden cork and glass cork.

1000 ml Clear Spirit Glass Bottles

If you are interested in our this 1 litre glass bottles with stoppers, please contact with us. We will reply you within 24hours.

1 Liter Glass Beverage Bottles Sales in Bulk

Our main market is Europe, USA, Australia, America etc.And all products enjoy a high reputation for innovation and functionality.

700ml 1000ml Glass Liquor Bottle Suppliers

If you are interested in our this 700ml beverage glass bottles, please contact with us. We will reply you within 24hours.

1000ml Clear Glass Bottle with Cork Wholesale

Our main products are top grade glass bottle such as vodka bottle, brandy bottle, whiskey bottle, liquor bottle, jam bottle and so on. We also can offer amber glass bottle, green bottle and water bottle.

1 Liter Unusual Glass Liquor Bottles Wholesale

The 1000ml clear glass decanter bottles is made in Shandong Yuncheng Ruisheng Glass Co., Ltd. Our company is one of the biggest super flint glass bottle manufactory in China.

1000ml Boston Round Vodka Glass Bottles Wholesale

The set of clear glass bottles with lids is made by high flint glass material which make the glass bottle more clear, more durable and more smooth.