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500ml Glass Bottles Wholesale

Ruisheng, a professional empty spirit bottle supplier, provides high-quality 500ml glass bottles wholesale for the liquor brand, company, and glass bottle suppliers,wholesalers&distributors. Buy empty 500ml glass bottles in bulk from China glass bottle factory, save at least 50% Cost.

-Item: 500ml Glass Bottles Wholesale
MOQ:  10000 pcs
-Corked Glass Bottle With Free Sample By Air
-Global Shipping Within 30 Days.

If you want to get 500ml glass bottles wholesale price, please leave a message for us, and our sales will contact you within 24 hours.

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    MOQ: 10000 PCS
    Bottle Capacity:500ml(17oz)
    Material:High Flint Glass Material
    Bottle Size:Square, Round, Burgundy, Composite Bottles, etc
    Color:Transparent, Brown, Blue, Green, White, Black, and etc.
    Stoppers:Cork, Screw Cap, Guala Cap
    Application:Brandy, Whiskey, Wine, Liquor, Vodka, etc

    Wholesale 500ml clear glass bottles with lids, made in China, from professional liquor bottle manufacturer-Ruisheng. Beautiful, pure, clear glass bottles wholesale use high flint glass material to shows spirit beautiful color, works for just about any spirit-liquor, whiskey, brandy, vodka, rum tequila. Apply high-quality glass material with a streamlined design for fashion, elegant, economy. The thickened bottom design ensures product stability and easy to transport. The bottom of empty glass bottles for sale with anti-skid design, increase friction, and easy to use and save. 3 Types of 500ml bottle stopper available: cork, screw cap, guala cap. We are an original glass bottle manufacturer, provide OEM/ODM Custom Service. If you want to buy empty glass spirit bottles in bulk, please leave a message for our sales.