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Easy Ways Of Cutting Glass Bottles


Cutting glass bottles looks scary, but it’s easier than ever. The thing is that you must know the proper. There are countless ways, but we have selected the best way to cut glass bottles. These methods are safe, easy, and quick; you can get the cleanest cut on your glass bottle.

Before cutting glass bottles, we need to remove the label on the bottle (if it has one). If there is no label, skip this step.

How to remove labels from glass bottles?

Some labels on glass labels can be easily removed, and some may require a proper procedure. Let’s discuss the steps to remove labels.

  • Put the glass bottle in the hot water tank for about 10 minutes. Carefully take it out and just peel off the remnants of the label; they will come out easily with this method.
  • Sometimes labels don’t come out even putting it in hot for 10 minutes easily; therefore, use a kitchen scrubbing brush to remove them.
  • Suppose there is still residue left behind even if you use a kitchen scrubbing brush. Now, it’s time to rub a little nail varnish remover or a lighter fluid, and it will clean the glass bottle.

Helpful Note: Sometimes, these labels can work as a guide for cutting if they are at the place where you want to cut them. In that case, leave them on, cut the bottle with a label, and remove them once you cut them down.

How to cut glass bottles?

To answer the question of how to cut glass bottles, we have listed some of the best ways to do so.

Method 1: How to cut a glass bottle with a flame

how to cut a glass bottle with a flame

Step 1: Score the bottle

First, you must draw a line through which you want a cut. You need a glass drill bit or glass cutter to score a line for breaking the bottle. To make a perfect cutting line, take the help of a support system for handling the glass bottle.

Step 2: Heat the bottle

In this step, heat the bottle along the line you have already drawn in step one. The heat source can be a small candle, a small butane torch, or any other method. When cutting glass bottles, always remember to heat the bottle along the score line and regularly rotate the bottle.

Step 3: Place the bottle in cold water

After heating the bottle for about 5 minutes, it is time to place it in a cold sink. Remember, place that portion of the bottle in the cold water you want to break off.

Step 4: Repeat the process of heating and cooling

Some bottles require more stress to break off, and that’s why you repeat the above process until they break off. Just repeat the heating and dip it in cold water.

Step 5: Smooth the sharp edges

Use sandpaper to clean the edges and lessen their sharpness. Do it as soon as you finish breaking the bottle to avoid any cuts.

Method 2: How to cut a glass bottle with boiling water

how to cut a glass bottle with boiling water

Step 1: Score the glass bottle

As mentioned in the first method, create a tension line on the bottle from which you want to break. To do so, you need a glass cutter or drill bit to draw the line. Don’t overlap lines; otherwise, the result would be undesirable.
In the meantime, you need to prepare hot and cold water for the next step.

Step 2: Flood hot water over the bottle

Now spur the hot water on the bottle over the sink and slowly pour it on the score line. Try to avoid flooding a wide area; otherwise, the area under tension will increase.

Step 3: Place the bottle into the cold water

After pouring hot water over the score line, put the bottle under cold water running in the sink. It may not break on the first try.

Step 4: Sand the edges with sandpaper

After cutting glass bottles, they always have sharp edges. Remove sharp edges by rubbing the rough grit of sandpaper.

Method 3: Glass bottle cutting by using yarn

glass bottle cutting by using yarn

Step 1: Wrap up the yarn over the glass bottle

Wrap the yarn 3-5 times at the place where you want to cut the glass bottle. Tie the ends and cut the extra yarn.
This process can also be carried out by thick cotton string if you don’t have yarn.

Step 2: Soak the yarn in the acetone or nail polish remover

Now slide down the yarn from the bottle and place it in the dish which contains acetone or nail polish remover. Pour it until it’s completely soaked, and also add more acetone afterward.

Step 3: Again wrap the bottle in yarn

Now take the yarn from the dish and wrap it at the exact location where you want to break the bottle. Make sure loops are tight and close together to get a clean break of the bottle.

Step 4: Fire up the yarn

After wrapping the yarn again, fire it up with a match or lighter. Now rotate the bottle slowly so that it can get hot evenly.

Step 5: Immerse the bottle in the cold water

At this stage, immerse the bottle in cold water after heating the yarn. Add ice to the water to quickly complete this stage. In the end, the bottle would break where the yarn is wrapped around it. The break should be neat and clean.

Step 6: Clean the edges with sandpaper

In the end, use sandpaper to smooth the sharp and jagged edges of a broken glass bottle. After sharpening the edges, use fine grit sandpaper to give the bottle a soft finish.

Important note: Be careful and take precautionary measures while handling hot water, flames, and acetone to avoid potential accidents.


When you apply these techniques for cutting a glass bottle, you will get fine results most easily. You can use these broken glass bottles for decoration purposes like creating vases and other items.
Try these methods to create beautiful stuff from glass bottles.

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