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How To Clean Glass Bottles?


How to clean glass bottles is a frequently asked question regarding the hygiene of the bottles. Glass bottles are widely used by the food and beverages industry. Hence, reusing and recycling bottles is the ultimate choice one makes. Use appropriate techniques to clean them up. Let’s begin with the blog to guide you through the techniques involved.

How to clean glass bottles- the techniques

What to think when cleaning the glass bottle? Most of you would fill in running water in the bottle and rinse the bottle. To clean the bottles, rinsing is not enough as it only erodes the light impurities from bottles. It doesn’t provide thorough cleaning to the bottle.
To clean the bottles, you are required to follow a variety of techniques. The cleaning intensity mainly depends on which material was present in the bottle and how tough its stains are. Cleaning glass bottles is much easier if you follow the shared techniques. Similarly, these methods help in cleaning and provide a sparkling effect to the glass bottle.

1. Clean with soap and water

cleaning wine bottles

How to clean a glass bottle? It involves dishwashing soap and some water. In a large bucket, fill in the water. Then, drop a few drops of dishwashing soap in the bucket. Shake the soapy water to raise the foam and bubbles in the bucket. Now, carefully insert the glass bottle and remove its cap. Also, place this cap in the water. The soapy water would remove the greasiness and large impurities from the bottle. After dipping the water for 10 to 15 minutes, take the bottle out.
With the help of a bottle brush, gently scrub the bottle. The impurities become soft, and you can easily remove them from the bottle. You have to rinse the bottle with clean water. This particular technique works to eliminate large impurities from the bottle.

2. Vinegar and salt solution

If the bottle shows tough stains, the next query will be how to clean the inside of a glass bottle. The tough greasy stains don’t go easily with soap and water. So you have to try something stronger than that. To start the technique, use some tablespoons full of salt. Then, pour in the vinegar and make sure it completely submerges the salt.
Afterward, place the sealed bottle with its cap and shake the bottle. The shaking effect would help to loosen the junk of the material inside the bottle. The salt in the bottle would also act as a scrubber. Hence this glass bottle cleaner limits the use of a bottle brush. Now, rinse the bottle thoroughly so the smell of vinegar disappears.

3. Clean with alcohol

wine bottle cleaner

Use alcohol to answer the query of how to clean glass bottles in the perfect way to clean it. Moreover, it would disinfect the bottle. You can use whatever alcohol or its type is available. If the bottle you are cleaning is an oil bottle, you would be amazed to see its wonderful results. After adding alcohol, shake the bottle so that it reaches every corner of the bottle.
If you feel the stains aren’t easily getting off, then take a chopstick and insert it into the bottle. Now, move and rub the stick on the tough stains. It will help to scrub it. Then, remove the alcohol from the bottle and let the bottle dry.

4. Rice and dishwashing soap

glass bottle cleaner

Are you interested to know how to clean a narrow neck bottle? Let’s explain it. Place a handful of rice in the thin neck bottles in the water. Now half fill the bottle with warm water and a little dishwashing soap. In the bottle, a brush might not be able to reach. However, the rice grains attack the toughest impurities and remove them. Rinse the bottle with water.

5. Strong ammonia

Ammonia is a strong glass bottle cleaner. You can mix it with water. Then, what to do is take the bottle brush and clean the bottle inside. After that, with the help of a damp cloth, clean the outer surface of the bottle.

6. Damp cloth

Take a damp cloth to clean the bottle with a large mouth and neck. With the help of your hand or chopsticks, insert the cloth into the bottle. Then scrub off the areas where you find stains. Or fill the bottle with water and liquid detergent but make sure to fill it with quarters only. Then, place the cloth and shake the bottle with your hand. The fabric would remove the stains and junk from the bottle.

7. Lemon juice

This particular technique involves lemon and its juice. As you know, lemon contains citric acid, which is always considered antibacterial. For this method, fill the water in a quarter and squeeze lemon juice in it. You can take one or two lemons, not more than that. After squeezing its juice, insert the remaining lemon slices into the bottle.
You can then shake the bottle for the lemon to trigger the greasy stains. It is better to leave the bottle as it is overnight. Then, the next morning, remove the lemon and rinse the bottle. The bottle gets cleaned and has sparkling glass because of the lemon action.

8. Baking soda and water

Cleaning wine bottles is possible with baking soda. Insert baking soda in water and add it to the glass bottle. Then, with the bottle brush, scrub off the bottle. All the stains, marks, and grime fade away.

9. The use of distilled water

If you are searching for an affordable wine bottle cleaner, use distilled water. For this, place distilled water in the glass bottle and heat the bottle. When the water has started boiling, turn off the heat flame. Hence, this technique sterilizes the bottle, and the impurities are removed.

10. A mixture of soda and sawdust

How to clean old glass bottles is possible with harsh ingredients. So, you require sawdust, bran, sand, and soda. Then, place the absorbent paper and other materials in the bottle. After all of the material is mixed, the impurities would eliminate along with the greasiness of the bottle. Then, take out the residues and wash the bottle with running water.


The dirty and greasy glass bottles would encourage you to search for how to clean glass bottles. You can choose whatever technique suits you. Thus, look for harsh chemicals that can easily remove the toughest stains.

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