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How to Pack and Ship Glass Bottles?

As we all know glass bottles widely use in our daily life, but they have one feature: fragile! So how can we reduce the loss of glass bottles in international trade? Shandong Yuncheng Ruisheng Glass Co., Ltd— a leading manufacturer of glass bottles has offered a good bottle packaging and shipping service for our customers. In this article, we will show you how to pack and ship glass bottles in international trade.

How to pack glass bottles?

  1. How to pack glass bottle samples?

We can see many different shapes for glass bottles in the market, so first, our customers will confirm is this glass bottle very suitable himself, will let us sent one to three samples to check quality and shape.
  • Use a carton box.
the carton box size usually use as below:
(1)200x180x100mm   (2)250x200x180mm   (3)300x250x200mm
(4)360x300x250mm      (5)530x320x230       (6)700x400x320mm
For example, if we just sent one 750ml bottle sample we can choose carton NO.2, if we sent 2 750ml glass bottles we can choose carton No.3.
Pls, see these cartons are widely used.
glass bottle pack and shpping001glass bottle pack and shpping001
A carton box large enough to fit wrapped bottles plus extra padding. Ensure the box is sturdy and free of holes or tears. Sometimes you can see the carton box reuse for packing, but for glass bottle, you must choose a new box, because the new box is very strong than the used box, so it can best protect bottles from outside shock.
  • Find a second carton box
This box needs about 15cm larger in each dimension. To make your packaging extra secure, it’s a good idea to put glass bottles inside 2 layers of boxes. Look for a box that will leave room for about 7.6cm of padding on each side of the smaller box when it is placed inside.
  • glass bottle pack and shpping001


  • Seal the bottom of both boxes with packing tape.
Use packing tape at least 2 inches (5.1 cm) wide. Fold 2 opposing flaps together, then fold the remaining 2 flaps over them and seal them with tape. You should use one long strip of tape down the middle where the 2 outer flaps meet, then tape the 2 sides perpendicular to that line, making an H.
For added security, put a strip of tape on the bottom inside the box to seal the inner flaps as well.
  • glass bottle pack and shpping001


  • Line the bottom of the larger box with packing materials.
Packing confetti or bubble wrap is ideal, as the paper will not absorb as much shock if the package is shaken or dropped. Make a layer of packing materials at least 3 inches (7.6 cm) deep in the larger box.
glass bottle pack and shpping001glass bottle pack and shpping001


  • Packing the glass bottles
Wrap the bottles individually in bubble wrap. If you are using a small-bubble wrap, you should wrap each bottle at least 4 times all the way around. If you are using a large-bubble wrap, 2 times should be enough. You want about 3 inches (7.6 cm) of bubble wrap surrounding each bottle.
You can tape the bubble wrap in place with Scotch tape, or use rubber bands to hold it in place.
You can also purchase a partitioned packaging container, which will keep the bottles separate so they don’t knock against each other, but it’s still a good idea to wrap them in at least 1 layer of bubble wrap if you do so.
Partitioned packaging containers are usually available at shipping supply stores, and may come in the form of a box or an insert you can place inside a box.
glass bottle pack and shpping001
Bubble model
If customize bubble model, it’ll more the best. It highly protects outside shocks.
glass bottle pack and shpping001
Pack the smaller box inside the larger one. Place the smaller box roughly in the middle of the larger one on top of the padding layer, and stuff more packing material around the sides of the smaller box. It should be packed tightly enough that it does not move when you shake the larger box.
Place the bottles inside the box. If the bottles contain liquid, place them upright. If not, you can place them however they fit best. Make sure you leave at least 3 inches (7.6 cm) of space between the bottles and the sides of the box.
Stuff any empty spaces in the box with packing material. Once you have positioned the bottles in the box, surround them with packing materials on all sides. You should also stuff some packing materials between the bottles to keep them from moving around.
Be careful not to pack the box too tight. Add packing materials just until the bottles don’t move when you shake the box.
Sealing and Labeling the Box
Write the shipping address on a card and put it in the box. This will help keep your bottles from getting lost if something happens to the package and the address label is damaged. Write the recipient and return address on a piece of paper and place it in the box.
Tape both boxes closed with packing tape. Using packing tape at least 2 inches (5.1 cm) wide, seal the inner box closed by taping down the middle and on each side, in an H pattern. Add some more packing materials on top, then tape the larger box closed in the same way.
Remove or cross out any labels on the outer box. To make sure that your package reaches its destination on time, check the entire outside of the box and make sure there are no labels or barcodes. If there are, peel them off or black them out thoroughly with a Sharpie.
Write the shipping address clearly on the top of the outer box. Double-check to make sure you have the correct address. You can either write the address neatly or print a shipping label using the USPS website.
Include your return address on the box.
Write “Fragile” in large letters on each side of the box. If you ship bottles frequently, you may want to invest in a “Fragile” stamp. You may also be able to ask an employee at the post office to stamp it for you, but it’s best to write it yourself as well just in case.
It’s also a good idea to write “this side up” with an arrow pointing towards the top on each side, especially if you are shipping bottles that contain liquid.
We usually sent samples to customers by FEDEX, DHL, UPS, POSTAL, etc. They are very fast usually about 3-7 days to my customer’s address!


2. How to Packaging for Wholesale Orders? 

1)Carton packing
24pcs in per carton;
Cardboard divider in the carton;
The carton size is according to the bottles’ size
glass bottle pack and shpping001
2)Pallet packing
 5 layer in one wooden pallet;
 Cardboard in per layer;
 Plastic wrap around the pallet,
 Pallet size: 1M x1.2M
glass bottle pack and shpping001
 3)Carton and Pallet packing
1)24pcs in per carton;
2)several cartons in one pallet;
3)Pallet size: 1M x 1.2M
glass bottle pack and shpping001
Note: Different customers choose different packaging. Most customers usually choose a pallet package, because it’s cheaper than the carton and pallet.

3. How to transport the products?

1) For sample: we choose DHL, FedEx, UPS, Postal, etc. It’s about 3-7 days to the customer’s place.
2) For wholesale: it’s needed by sea, it’s about 30-50 days to different countries.
Also, some customers will choose land transportation.
These models of transport are very safe and fast. So the customers are not worried about that.

4. How to reduce the loss during transportation?

As we are doing wholesale business for glass bottle on the global market, so it’s very common to delivery goods by sea. The widely use is van delivery service because the container will occupy all the space of the truck and it will not loading or unloading at the transport time, so it will be safer and quickly for the direct delivery service.

When goods arrive at the port like Qingdao port, ten next steps will be to operate the goods by professional shippers they will use trailers and other tools to protect the goods are perfect.

This delivering need us to pack all step well, such as pallet packing need pack well by stretch film, ensure every pallet are very firm without any loose, so when moving the pallet all bottles are very safe and not broken.

When use carton box packing needs to choose a new carton box and a sturdy carton box, the size must be suitable for glass bottle size, when moving the carton box must be very careful to handle it, make sure every bottle is good when loading then do next step.

Please notice that not choose an old carton box, it can’t protect glass items well if reuse the carton box. So if some country far from us, it’s will make bottles broken.

When use the carton box and pallet, please fixed all well with the carton and pallet by the stretch film. It will be very convenient to deliver.

As a professional glass bottle manufacturer, we are committed to providing customers with the best products and services. We strictly control every step of packaging and shipping and strive for every bottle that reaches your hand to be intact.

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