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RS001 Wholesale 250ml Screw Top Glass Bottles For Liquor

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Find Wholesale 250ml Screw Top Glass Bottles For Liquor At Ruisheng Glass Co,.Ruisheng, founded in 2009, is a leading liquor bottle company in the packaging industry. We have always been committed to providing one-stop packaging solutions for the liquor bottle industry.
As a professional liquor bottle manufacturer, we use high-quality glass raw materials to produce quality glass bottles. Various products available include liquor bottles, whiskey bottles, brandy bottles, gin bottles, cognac bottles, Tequila bottles, Gin bottles, wine bottles, and etc.

Be a spirit bottle manufacturer, we provide OEM/ODM Service for our customers. If you don’t find your spirit bottle types, don’t worry. Tell us your requirement, and let us produce for you.

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Details About Wholesale 250ml Screw Top Glass Bottles For Liquor

This series of wholesale 250ml screw top glass bottles are mainly designed for liquor packaging: White spirit, whiskey, brandy, vodka, cognac, tequila, champagne, and etc.

The products are made of high flint quality glass raw materials processed by more than 10 processes. Transparent, clean, and free of impurities. It can perfectly highlight the quality of the liquor and enhance the overall product grade.

If you are satisfied with the model we provide, we can produce 100% according to the original model. If you need custom service. You can make requests for each of the wine bottle size, shape, color, surface treatment, label, cap, etc., and we will produce according to your requirements

  • Product Name: Wholesale 250ml Screw Top Glass Bottles For Liquor
  • Brand: Ruisheng/RS Glass
  • Reference: RS001
  • Glass Material: High Flint Glass Material
  • Nominal Capacity: 250 ml
  • Bottle Weight: 550g
  • Sealing Type: Ropp / GPI / Cork / Guala / Swing Top / Custom Sealing Method
  • Application: Vodka Bottle, Whiskey Bottle, Cognac Bottle, Rum Bottle, Xo Bottle
  • Packaging
    • 24 pcs / carton, with cardboard separator
    • 6 pcs / colored box, with cardboard separator
    • Pallet packaging, with cardboard separator
    • Carton / box + pallet packaging
  • MOQ: 6000pcs for a new run
  • Lead Time: 20-30 days

If you have more questions about Wholesale 250ml Screw Top Glass Bottles For Liquor, please contact our sales now.

ruisheng glass bottle

Ruisheng Glass Factory in Shandong, China

Since 2009, Our modern glass bottle production plant and well-equipped R&D center operate in an area of 5,000,000 square feet. The factory focuses on the production of high-quality glass bottles for liquor, spirit, whiskey, vodka, brandy, and other alcoholic drinks.

Full Capacity in Our Liquor Glass Bottle Manufacturing Factory:


-Production Line-

Semi-automatic high-efficiency glass bottle production line. It can produce glass bottles with different treatment processes at the same time.


-Working Stuff-

Our company has more than 500 employees, including 15 industrial designers, 35 product quality inspectors, and other production workers, sales and marketing personnel, etc.


-Design Mold-

the foremost advantage of stocking a huge amount of molds in-house is the flexibility. One factory can hardly meet all your requirements.


-Daily Output-

React to market quickly. Our bulk production allows businesses to move through production phases quickly and easily.

How to Order Ruisheng Glass

How to order glass bottle from Ruisheng



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