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Ruisheng Glass Bottle Is the Best Manufacturers of Glass Bottles in China

All eyes are now upon RS Bottles, as they are now being ranked as the best Glass bottles Manufacturer in China, providing customized services industry wise. The factors that are making them leading manufacturer of glass bottles include factory direct, low pricing, high quality and more than 10 years of experience, which is helping them deliver an array of exquisitely designed glass bottles which include Custom Glass bottles and bottles that are required across various industries. Featured products that this china glass bottle manufacturer include brandy bottles, olive oil bottles, Vodka glass bottles, Whiskey bottles and other bottles that are made of high quality glass and designed to look unique. When you visit, you can see their new products that speak of innovative designs, which is the reason of this company being the leading Glass bottles Supplier in China.












They have a state of the art manufacturing unit which include glass decorating furnace fully operated by electric and comprehensive processing of frosting, gold stamping, hot stamping, silkscreen printing, labeling, painting, sand blasting and other features that are needed for manufacturing the best glass bottles. They also have CNC machine, the latest in the world for manufacturing crystal white bottles, having no bubbles or wrinkles, made for top end market. There are good many reasons for branding RS Bottles as the best Glass bottles Manufacturerand leading Glass bottles Supplier in China. Customer’s satisfaction and providing them with an array of benefits are what this manufacturer aims at. Excellent customer support services is making them more popular as china glass bottle manufacturer and coming in the news quite often for their achievements. Shop by industry for top quality bottles for water beverage, oil and liquors and find the difference with others in the international market.

About RS Bottles:
RS Bottles is presently the best Glass bottles Manufacturer in China for their manufacturing prowess and high quality associated with low pricing.

Media Contact:
Ruisheng Glass Co., Ltd
E-mail: [email protected]
Phone Number: +86 530 5678579


For quality glass bottles you can now shop by industry at RS Bottles, the leading china glass bottle manufacturer, where you can be guaranteed of immense benefits.

Contact Address: Yuncheng County Glass Industrial Park, Shandong Province

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