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2024 Top 10 Glass Bottle Manufacturers in Australia

Are you planning to open a company that needs glass bottles? If yes, this blog might be helpful since it discusses the top 10 glass bottle manufacturers in Australia you might want to consider for your brand.

i) Visy

Visy is located in Australia and boasts more than 70 years in the market since its launch in 1948. It is one of the largest Australia glass bottle manufacturers whose mantra is to ensure the sustainability of mother earth, and it strives to work within the mantra’s operational frameworks.

Visy glass (1)

Apart from glass bottles, Visy boasts many other packaging materials made up of fiber, plastic, kraft paper, and more. It boasts more than 7,000 employees, a workforce it claims to have maintained since inception. Although the brand is located in Australia, Visy has established niches and loyal customer bases in various parts of the world, including Asia, the USA, and Europe. Currently, it is a great partner of Switzerland with which it signed a major contract.

Visy boasts an extensive catalog of glass bottles that differ in color, size, and shape and have multiple packaging suitabilities. According to its website, Visy claims to be using more than 521,000 tonnes of waste glass that it uses to manufacture more than 521,000 tonnes of glass in its inventory. The brand believes that as long as it keeps up with its sustainability mantra, it will continue to be the leading recovery company.

ii) Cospack

Cospack is another leading spirit bottle manufacturer in Australia. It was founded in 1969 and celebrates more than 50 years in the industry. Being headquartered in Sydney, it is a leading glass bottle supplier in Sydney, but it extends its services to various parts of the world, including the USA, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.

Cospack glass vompany (1)The brand has established its market niche and prowess and continues to supply glass jars, bottles, and other packaging products. It has 250 workers whom it sues to offer materials for food, beer, beverage, and pharmaceutical glass packages that many companies in the world over find useful.

Though its website. Cospack boasts of providing its clients with innovation, value, and responsiveness in the form of top-notch customer service, adaptability, assistance, and steady supply. Cospack sources its raw materials for glass bottles and other packaging material manufacturing processes from metal, flexibles, plastic, and paper, and many companies so far confirm the quality of its products to be outstanding.

iii) Orora

Are you conducting rigorous online searches for the best glass bottle suppliers? You might want to consider Orora, a packaging material manufacturing company located in Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia. Currently, Orora boasts a workforce of about 3,800 employees who work to manufacture glass bottles for the various markets the brand supplies, making it one of the best glass bottle suppliers in Australia.

Orora (1)Its product comprises glass bottles used for packaging beer, wine, and products of the same kind. It has established a great market prowess, which is why it boasts many partnerships with the UK, US, China, and New Zealand. It offers high-quality bottles with great aesthetic designs, further helping it win a larger customer base and a competitive market advantage.

Where you want bottles for packaging ready-to-drink products or packaging glass bottles required to transport goods over long distances before landing customers’ hands, it got you covered. Even if you want cartons for packaging the glass bottled products, Orora got your back.

iv) Plasdene Glass Pak

Plasdene is one of the glass bottle manufacturers in Australia, and it boasts about 35 years in the industry since its inception in 1987.

It has several offices in different cities, including Adelaide, Hunter Region, Perth, Melbourne, and Brisbane. It primarily deals in glass packaging materials for milk and its products, as well as candle jars. However, its inventory is not limited to this since it also boasts the production of glass and plastic packaging materials for the food, drinks, wine, and beverage industries.

Plasdene Glass Pak (1)

If you are looking for a glass manufacturing company to be your supplier for different types of bottles that vary diversely depending on size, color, and purposes, Plasdene should be among your best picks. Besides, it is one company that offers global inventory, national warehousing, and custom packaging materials, ticking the boxes for multiple packaging uses. It has additional offices in South Wales, Tasmania, Victoria, NSW, etc., where it invites customers to visit its customer care agents to discuss their packaging needs.

v) Centaur Packaging

Centaur is one of the top ten glass bottle suppliers (and manufacturers) in Australia specializing in an avalanche of product lines, including boxes, baking, DIY supplies, eco-friendly, Christmas, and packaging supplies.

It was launched in 1988 and celebrates more than 30 years in the packaging solution industry. Amidst its wide product catalog are glass bottles for foods and the aromatherapeutic industries. Centaur boasts supporting its customers through the wide range of products and provision of packaging materials that meet all their needs.

Centaur Packaging (1)

Besides its great catalog of more than 3,000 stock lines, Centaur Packaging also boasts the DIY natural supplies that have become incredibly useful in the technological world, emphasizing identifying simple hacks that make life easy. This brand’s food and aromatherapy glass bottle collection incorporates eco-friendly standards in its manufacture, which is why it enjoys a great market reputation.

Since Mitchelle and Graham Rowe introduced the concept of conserving the environment in 2012, Centaur Packaging has upheld these standards, helping it become even more relevant in the glass bottle and packaging solution arena. Its collection includes packaging materials eaten on-site or which have to be shifted before the clients can have them.

vi) SunnyPack

Are you on the search for a glass bottle manufacturing company that provides packaging solutions with small-scale and bulk ideas in mind? You might find SunnyPack, a glass bottle manufacturer in Australia, an ideal pick for your packaging needs.

Its glass catalog includes several products in the form of glass bottles, containers, and jars. What’s more, the glass packaging solutions are available in 150 to 500 ml, offering a wide capacity range that suits multiple brands.

SunnyPack (1)

SunnyPack is a subsidiary brand under the large umbrella of Amberpak Pty Limited and has its headquarters located in Melbourne, Australia, where clients can meet its agents to discuss their packaging needs. The company recently introduced a new line that deals in bottles with as small as 10 ml capacity and is used for packaging roll-ons and perfumes. As if that’s not enough, SunnyPack deals in plastic bottles and jars, pipettes, closure & cap materials, and aluminum cans. Even if you need glass canisters or glass jars with lids, SunnyPack got you covered for every packaging need.

vii) PackMyProduct

PackMyProduct is yet another additional glass bottle supplier in Australia. It boasts a wide packaging product catalog, including PET containers, round food containers, tins, pharmacy packaging tools, stoppers, bumps, wooden spoons, and more. Its glass product division includes glass bottles and jars, primarily for pharma-grade supplies.


Since most products are susceptible to damage by decomposition when exposed to light, PackMyProduct uniquely modifies its bottles and includes brown bottles that are hardly affected by the sun. Its latest glass products include the Amber 500 ml bottle and the 300 ml round bell bottle. Besides, it also provides its clients with 100 mg packaging glass bottles.

According to its website through the About Us section, PackMyProduct was launched in 2012 and celebrates its tenth year in the packaging industry this year. From the point of inception, its goal was to fill the gaps in the packaging industry. PackMyProduct emphasizes that many gaps still exist as much as packaging solution providers have focused on minimum and bulk orders. It accepts payment through AmericanExpress, PayPal, and MasterCard. It also encourages its clients to shop with it on a 24/7 basis and charges cheaply to deliver orders to their doorsteps.

viii) Weltrade Packaging

Weltrade Packaging is another Australia glass bottle manufacturer created with the mission of providing its clients ground-breaking and problem-solving solutions to their packaging needs.

It boasts a large inventory that offers glass bottles, among other items like tubes, pouches, and PET products. If you want packaging solutions for the wellness, cosmetic, and beauty industry, Weltrade Packaging is your ideal company of choice to consider for your packaging needs.

Weltrade Packaging (1)

Custom mold and product design are two critical factors that make Weltrade Packaging stand out among other packaging solution providers. It deals in multiple shapes and sizes for its products, trying to fit all niches in the cosmetic, wellness, and beauty industry. Through its website, it acknowledges the importance of first impression on its sale, which it tries to boost by providing its clients with education, superior customer service, and design. Much is not provided about the company’s founding under the About Us section, but it details its purpose, values, and mission.

ix) Synergy Packaging

Synergy Packaging is another glass bottle supplier in Australia, which has its headquarters located in Melbourne, from where it ships its products internationally and on a nationwide scale. It manufactures, distributes, and exports a wide product catalog comprising PET and rPET food-grade containers, bottles, and accessories.

Synergy Packaging (1)

According to its website, Synergy Packaging understands the varying needs that different companies have, which is why it minimizes its supplies to as low as 5-count packages. Its main products in the inventory most feature plastics, but is glass supplies that come in a range of sizes, colors, shapes, and purposes are unworthy of ignorance.

Its packaging solution picks serve multiple companies, including personal care, cosmetic, wellness, pharma-grade, food, and beverage industries. Although its headquarters are located in Melbourne, the brand has different showroom and delivery addresses where clients can meet its agents to discuss packaging needs.

x) Kemp Agencies

Kemp Agencies takes pride in supplying the Northern Wales Rivers and its areas for well above 45 years since its inception in 1974. It is a packaging solution provider specializing in industrial and commercial packaging materials.

It supplies Kyogle, Byron, Murwillumbah, Ballina, Tweed, Iluka, Yamba, Evans Head, Lennox Head, Lismore, and more daily to fortnightly depending on the region. Like many other packaging solution providers in Australia, it boasts an extensive product inventory with plastics, pizza boxes, straws, stationery, warehousing goods, carrier paper bags, and more.

Kemp Agencies

Being one of the leading glass bottle manufacturers in Australia, it has a glass product division that offers a range of glass products and lids. For instance, you can find glass bottles, glass jars, amber bottles, amber jars, and round bottles in this product line. What’s unique about this brand is that its glass bottles are sold without lids, priced separately in the same product line.


Australia has many glass bottle manufacturers that can tick your boxes for all packaging needs. The companies herein discussed do not exclusively deal in glass bottles but have many stock lines, with glass bottles and jars being one of the product divisions. While some like Visy and Cospack serve multiple countries and regions, others like Kemp Agencies serve local companies. Depending on your company of choice, you can satisfy your packaging needs whether you specialize in food & beverage, pharma-grade, wellness, beauty & cosmetic, wine, beer, spirits, or personal care supplies.

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