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Top 10 Glass Bottle Manufacturers in Portugal


Portugal is, of course, renowned for its historical background and charm. Manufacturers in Portugal country are always top notch in packing, designing and selling quality glass bottles. Among other businesses, the country has cluster of glass bottle manufacturers. They stand apart from others because of their unique and high-quality finishes. From wine bottles to perfume bottle factories, the glass bottle manufacturers in Portugal leave significant impact. Now, it is the richest country for glass production. Among other countries, Portugal is a well known place for glass bottle selling and manufacturing. There are plenty of suppliers and dealers linked with top manufacturers. So, in this post, you will check the top 10 glass bottle manufacturers in Portugal in detail.

Portugal’s prominence is the high quality glass bottles. Of course, everyone has a craze for seeing wonderful bottles by means of design, models, and elegant looks. It is because of time-honored craftsmanship and modern innovation. There are many supply chain centres, and manufacturers available in Portugal country. They are experts in making bottles and providing them to the market. Some of the bottles are glass jars, wine bottles, beer bottles, lids and so on. As a result, you must get a complete detail about the top manufacturers of glass bottles in Portugal in this guide.

Top 10 glass bottle manufacturers in Portugal

  1. BA Glass:

BA Glass is located in Porto, which is a top-notch glass manufacturing industry operating since 1912. The company was operating a few centuries ago, and today, they are the pioneer. BA Glass is one of Europe’s leading glass producers and manufacturers from 1930. In the year 1947, BA Glass introduced automated technology for feeder mechanism and molding machine in bottle manufacturing. In 1965, they manufactured bottled using third automatic machine and produced around 350 thousand bottles. In 1969, they begin a new operation unit in Avintes with two regenerative furnaces for melding and molding. Quality is the main motive of this company. Customers can get the best quality glass bottle collection in the market. This manufacturer has a vast distribution system, timely delivery, and ensures client satisfaction as well. In 2016, BA expanded its market into Central Europe and gained high sales in the largest European market. The manufacturer is strong in producing high-end glass bottles for different customers.

In 1971, installation of first automatic IS machine increase the production capacity of bottles. In the year 1983, a new regenerative furnace is kept for enhancing producing using digital molding ad automated quality control for production lines. Their stock market and social capital reached 54% after that. In 1999, this company has individual unit in Leon Spain, with two furnaces which has 99% social capital in that year and reached 37, 5 million euros. There is a strong international customer base for this manufacturer. The current status of this company is having 8 factories and daily production. It is mainly covering more than 14 million units such as bottles and jars. But, in the acquisition of Yioula Group, the company has 4 plants in 3 countries. It includes Greece, Bulgaria, and Romania. With these new plants opened, the company currently operates 20 million units. Their main goal is to create synergies in operation and enhance the service to international customers. In 2017, acquisition with Yioula Group introduced 4 plants in 3 countries which gained around 20 million units daily.

  1. Mercado do Vidro:

Mercado do Vidro has a strong business in supplying glass packages and lids. The main aim of this manufacturer is to fulfill the customers and their needs. With its creative and elegant bottles, glass packaging in individual packs is speechless for us. The competitive price is the main backbone of their success. The Mercado do Vidro undertake several services at the correct duration. This company is focusing on packaging honey with special bottles from 275ml to 380ml and 750ml. From wine to food, you can get the best quality glass packages from this producer. Mercado do Vidro has capacities between 50ml to 700ml across 7 different capacities which sells spirits, rum, whiskey, gin and types of spirits to the market. The glass bottles are always coming with SPP 31.5, PP24 closure, DOP mouth, without pourer. Dynamic quality and innovation speak a lot about this producer. The entire glass products are 100% safe and innovative as well. It is easily customizable and compromises on quality for all instances.

Between Bordeaux and Burgundy, the company has solutions for your wine production with capacity of 50cl and 75cl in clear glass or brown glass. Customers are passionate about buying quality and type of glass packaging in small quantities. Also, the price is quite reasonable than others. At Mercado do Vidro, it offers range of type of glass olive oil bottles with a capacity between 100ml and 500 ml and available in three colors and residential material. From beer bottles to seals, you can see the quality of every product. The Mercado do Vidro is a professional and safe way to purchase high-quality glass products. Their market sizes will sure going to be double with frequent success. Mercado do Vidro have variety of packaging in different sizes and formats to meet needs. At Mercado do Vidro will find range of glass jars, and food to keep in perfect condition? The Mercado do Vidro is now a leading glass manufacturer for various clients.

  1. Cergam:

Cergam is a leading glass business group operating from 1968. They started the glass business in 2008 and deliver quality glass bottles to the customers. In the glass business, Cergam has having larger part in European countries. Until 2015, a large glass business was mainly focused on the food and beverage section. From 2015, Cergam Company fulfills the needs of plastic replacement, with decoration of bottles for hotels, restaurants and ads. The company has advanced solutions to manufacture the decoration of bottles for hotels and restaurants. In 2018, Cergam Glass had the production process to enhance the large orders.

The company has a motive in selling only small quantity orders with varied colors and produces more than 30000 units. To enhance demand for large orders, Cergam Company introduces some innovative ideas. Cergam produced glass bottles in 750ml, 223mm, 95mm, 700g, and GPI 400/33 identification bottles for various purposes. It is mainly vitrified at a certain temperature to make decorative bottles. They are ecologically friendly and produce no harm to anyone. Quality is what we could expect from this manufacturer still now. Cergam glasses are 100% glass and contain up to 10% recycled glass. The main success of this company, glass, is water filtration and purification companies as their clients.

  1. Vidrala

Vidrala is one of the leading glass bottle manufacturers in Portugal. They are producing around 8 billion glass bottles per year. It can help the world to be sustainable, healthy, committed and great towards the planet. The Vidrala Group was established in 1965 and is working hard to get into the latest technological developments in packaging production. It is a top-notch organization where that focuses more on serving its customers, suppliers and people. They have a skilled team to provide and enhance sustainable packaging solutions.


  • People’s commitment & development
  • Commitment to customers
  • High performance
  • Sustainability
  • Innovation & continuous enhancement
  • Collaboration

Measures Pillars

  • Employee satisfaction
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Profitability & continued reinvestment
  • Operational performance

Strategic pillars

  • People
  • Customers
  • Value creation via optimal investment
  • Operational excellence

Vidrala consider sustainable development is very essential for the business. It means focusing on the environment and people and offering extraordinary solutions. It leads to a great contribution to society. They have a great track record that made them a successful company in the manufacture and sale of glass bottles.

Vidrala Academy wants to respond to various demands from other glass packaging firms for operational efficiency and greater productivity. The academy provides great internal support in various European factories around the group. They are best at grabbing manufacturing excellence with great support to the global glass industry.

Vidrala provides customized service & technical support packages to the next level. They use the most exclusive technology and apply innovation to various phases of the production process. They work on continuous optimization, from choosing the raw materials to the distribution services. It can let you grab the top notch quality packaging.

Here, you can find a dedicated team of people to manufacture glass, a healthier, economical, greener & attractive product. They focus more on enhancing the world and making necessary changes through glass bottles. They handle all necessary projects to enhance glass while keeping everything in the illusion mind. They are best at handling top notch projects and let their customers do everything they want. They mainly support customer satisfaction and solve their needs and requirements.

  1. Verallia

Verallia is also one of the most extraordinary glass bottle manufacturers in Portugal. The headquarters of this glass bottle manufacturing company is located in Courbevoie, France. In 1827, this company was successfully established in Portugal. Since then, they have extraordinarily providing jars and glass bottles to their customers in the beverage & food industries effectively.

They are one of the top global glass bottle manufacturers in the world with 5 technical centres, 32 glass production, 8 cullet processing centres in around 11 countries, 3 décor plants & employs around 10,000 people to meet the client’s requirements. This company has provided innovative and eco-friendly glass packaging solutions to around 10,000 businesses across the globe.

  1. Depósito da Marinha Grande

Depósito da Marinha Grande is also one of the leading glass bottle manufacturers in Portugal. Here, quality, design and tradition are the sustainable options where one can experience a highly extraordinary factor. The history of this glass bottle manufacturing company is linked inevitably to the part of the glass industry in Portugal.

Depósito da Marinha Grandeis was the first glass bottle manufacturing company that was established in 1769 by Marquês de Pombal. Since then, many factories in this region have supported a lot to keep this tradition alive for years. Then, it leads to the production of prestigious and high quality glass pieces that are manually blown. There is a continuation of this tradition that combines exclusive innovative techniques to produce various noble and sustainable materials.

This company plays a major role in proceeding with the national economy development and wants to meet the client requirements. It also remains to this day as the reference name in various national glass sectors. It made a representation throughout the same family and country and welcomed the workers and employees.

Here, you have skilled experts to transform your overall idea into the real essential factors. The company offers various combinations of styles, from the most functional to the classical process, that respond to the customer’s profile effectively. Assuming versatility and quality as important values & combination of tradition with modernity, the company manufactures a set of products that meets the functionality & quality standards.

The highlighted services you can find in this company are the pieces reproduction and the production of made-to-order & personalized pieces. It lets everyone meet the individualized and specific consumer requirements to the next level. You can ask them to meet your requirements. Get ready to collect the photographs, drawings, desired quantities and descriptions & the technical department of this company will respond to you after analyzing the request. Here, you can group skilled workers who are always ready to meet their customer demands and needs. Now, you can continue your mission with the help of this company.

  1. Vidromais

Vidromais is also one of the most effective glass bottle manufacturers in Portugal, which was established in 1907. Recently, the Vidro+ platform was presented by Adeline Farrelly, Tiago Moreira da Silva and Jean-Paul Judson. It is the collaborative initiative that focuses more on creating the commitment around the different agents to package the glass value chain that operates effectively in the present national market. It includes universities & research centres, government entities, NGOs, & Associations defining objectives and goals, striving plants to promote a lot in the effective glass recycling rate in Portugal.

They have a great vision that helps everyone to grab various factors. Convert Portugal into the reference country in the recycling and collection of glass packaging and the combination of recycled glass in the new packaging production. Here you have various goals to collect around 90% of glass packaging found on the market to recycle everything by 2030.

It aims to improve the circularity of the packaging material in the closed circuit. Through this problem, it is possible to achieve commitment over the complete value chain, reduce carbon footprint, exceed recycling targets, stimulate joint development, and create more resilient and collaborative solutions. It can also help to promote efficient and informed communication.

8 Garrafas-E-Frascos: 

Established in Portugal, Garrafas-E-Frascos is recognized for the highest quality glass products. With the roots dating back decades, Garrafas-E-Frascos has evolved and even adopted massive Research and Technology. Garrafas-E-Frascos is the best place for finding beautiful and sturdy designed Canning jars, Airtight jars, wine bottles and more.

The company has been adopting modern technologies while extensively preserving the amazing traditional craftsmanship. Garrafas-E-Frascos produce a broad spectrum of glass containers with the best customized solutions for catering to the requirements of clients. Garrafas-E-Frascos has an amazing distributor system for ensuring that timely delivery is maintained with injection (PP/IML and PS). These bolster their reputation in the market and also balance the client demand with sustainable production methods.

Garrafas-E-Frascos has massively made its mark as a prominent player in providing glass bottles in various sizes and shapes for different applications. Leading glass bottle manufacturers in Portugal are assured in crafting exquisite designs. These also involve making a preferred choice for the different manufacturers seeking unique glass containers. Product range is not only limited to perfume containers alone but also for various categories such as cosmetic packaging, and more. The company is also adept at producing beautiful-looking glass vials and jars.

Being a reliable distributor combined with a penchant for detail, Garrafas-E-Frascos gives the customers a significant advantage. Garrafas-E-Frascos has been an influential force with gaining the massive international exposure in the competitive glass industry. It extensively allows them to bring massive trends and standards across the Portuguese market. Garrafas-E-Frascos produces a variety of glass bottle products, such as pharmaceutical vials, luxury containers, standard glass bottles and more.


Located in Estrada Exterior da Circunvalação in Rio Tinto Portugal, PORTOdoVIDRO is a leading glass bottle manufacturer. Established in Rio Tinto, Portugal, with a mission of commitment and innovation, the company has earned a reputation for its extensive range of high-quality. It has been providing stylish glass bottle products for more than 20 years.

Known globally for its beautifully designed glass bottle, PORTOdoVIDRO is also a burgeoning center for glass bottle manufacturing. The company also has a rich mercantile history and has laid a solid foundation for industries across glass bottle manufacturing. PORTOdoVIDRO seamlessly melds across age-old traditions with cutting-edge technologies. These give an edge as a sought-after supply chain center for bottle suppliers.

PORTOdoVIDRO is known for manufacturing Rectangular Miniature Bottle, Onda Miniature Bottle, Deluxe Triangular Bottle, Deluxe Miniature Bottle, Square Bottle Orquidea Bottle and many others. The glass bottle manufacturers supply this range of glass across local businesses and international clients. PORTOdoVIDRO caters to different markets such as home, hospitality, as well as professional use. Being the largest commercial glass bottle supplier, PORTOdoVIDRO continues to expand its presence across the global market. The PORTOdoVIDRO is also committed to design, innovation and customer satisfaction with setting it apart from other glass bottle manufacturers.

With continuously evolving its glass bottle products and embracing new technologies in the designs, PORTOdoVIDRO provides customers with exceptional glass bottles. These would definitely meet the specific preferences and needs even without any hassle. The dedication of the team towards quality and excellence massively solidified their position. PORTOdoVIDRO become the trusted glass bottle supplier in Portugal. Its factory is equipped with state-of-the-art machinery along skilled craftsmen. These ensure every piece of glass bottle produced meets the highest standards of design with innovation.

PORTOdoVIDRO is well versed in dealing with the Packaging Trade such as standard packaging to irreverent packaging. The company trades glass packaging like jars, small jars, bottles and more for more than 20 years in the market! It also acts as a significant player in the European glass market since its inception. PORTOdoVIDRO has become the keystone in the Portuguese glass industry. Product line is vast, and its specialties range from glass jars to wine bottles and more.

10 Abadia Rural: 

Established in the year 2003, Abadia Rural is an all-in-one Portuguese business for importing and distributing the glass products. Being the largest supplier of the bottles and jars, Abadia Rural has a massive customer base. Abadia Rural is the ultimate Portuguese business that redefined providing quality bee feed and glass bottles. The company has been prioritizing environmental responsibility by offering a 10% discount for purchases of products exceeding €250. It is also suitable for getting the best quality corks, caps, beekeeping equipment and many more.

Central store is located in Faro, and customers can take time to visit the store to purchase glass bottles of any size and shape. Convenient online orders are also available with the virtual store. Abadia Rural is located in Besouro, Faro – Portugal offering the diversified portfolio of amazing creativity and quality. Some of the clients include the producers and merchants of olive oil, jams, wine, liqueurs, honey, souvenir shops, and many others. The company was founded in Portugal in 2003 and started distributing, producing, and marketing a range of glass bottles.

Abadia Rural produces innovative glass solutions and value for customers and communities by improving its operations to provide amazing results. With the vast distributor network across Portugal, the Abadia Rural works beyond to make sure it reaches its customers. The company is also representative of renowned European manufacturers such as Swienty, Bruni and Kefla. Significant edge for the company is enabled with a commitment to sustainable practices and Abadia Rensures to maintain eco-friendly glass production.


Exploring the top Portugal’s glass bottle manufacturing hubs and spotlighting key players helps to choose the best company. Portugal is renowned for its historical charm and has made a significant mark in the glass bottle industry. Portugal has a robust network of glass bottle manufacturers, and it has become a competitive business. List of the top 10 glass bottle manufacturers in Portugal helps you to easily analyze the service provided by each company for its clients.  With the growing demand for of glass bottles from food and beverages, personal care industries, and cosmetics industries, there is higher anticipated growth during the forecast period. The rise in demand for glass bottles for safe and healthy packaging solutions is a massive factor that is responsible for increasing this market. Based on the recent report from Fortune Business Insights, the glass bottle packaging sector market will be reaching to USD 86.54 billion by 2030 attaining a CAGR of 4.2% with a forecast period in 2024. The global glass packaging market is also valued to reach USD 82.99 billion by 2028, gaining more than 4.73% CAGR. Glass bottle manufacturers in Portugal especially boast the rich tapestry of glass production. These 10 glass bottle manufacturers in Portugal have been renowned for their contribution to the industry.

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