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Top 10 Glass Bottle Manufacturers In Spain


Spain is a beautiful country filled with iconic landmarks and colorful festivals. Spain is richly known for its glass manufacturing history and headquarters for many manufacturers. Glass bottle manufacturers in Spain have been massively boasting of providing the best quality products for their customers. Reputable manufacturers are well-versed in varied sectors like wine, cosmetics, perfume, and many more. This article lets us explore leading glass bottle manufacturers in Spain by extensively comparing their production. Glass bottle manufacturers In Spain are quite excellent in customization and even with design innovation. Most Spanish manufacturers have been innovatively prioritizing quality and sustainability by offering complete, tailored solutions. These extensively meet market trends to the highest extent with large-scale production capabilities. Working with a trustworthy glass bottle manufacturer ensures top-notch service, and it is a completely reliable option. Before choosing the right glass bottle maker, it is essential to know about the quality of service provided.

Top 10 Glass Bottle Manufacturers In Spain:

  1. Vidrala:

Established in the year 1965, Vidrala is one of the most reliable and reputed glass bottle manufacturers in Spain. Vidalia is located in the Basque Country with a rich history of producing quality glass containers. Vidrala has especially gained a strong reputation for expertise in the food and beverage industry for more than 50 years manufacturing glass packaging. Some of the important products from them are wine bottles, jars, and olive oil bottles. The advantage of choosing glass bottle manufacturers is our complete commitment to sustainability.

Located in Barrio Munegazo, Laudio in Spain, Vidrala is known for implementing innovative technologies that reduce complete environmental impact. Vidrala has been known for using recycled glass during the complete manufacturing process. It is helpful for conserving natural resources, along with which it promotes the circular economy.

Vidrala Group has the state-of-the-art facilities with advanced levels of machinery. These ensure consistent quality along with effective production levels. Vidrala S.A. is the leading Spanish glass bottle producer with a longer history. Vidrala Group is famous for its recyclable glass bottles and has been manufacturing the products for varied purposes. Vidrala produces more than 8 billion bottles and jars annually with selling to more than 1,600 customers.

The company has more than 4,076 employees widely striving to create an impact on society ever since 1965. Apart from these, the company has been producing the best quality packaging products using the latest technology. Based on a report, the company has an annual output of more than 8 Billion glass containers.

Being the largest glass manufacturer in Spain, Vidrala offers the service in combination with craftsmanship, customization, and even sustainability. There are also many companies leading even in terms of volume, but Vidrala focuses on niche markets with perfect designs. Creating the most attractive designs with customized glass packaging solutions is the finest option. Evolving market trends have been growing more on sustainability in the glass manufacturing industry.

  1. Verallia:

Established in the year 1827, Verallia is the European leader and become the 3rd largest producer of glass manufacturing company. In 1827, the company has been established as Vauxrot glassworks (France). 1918, it gained the internationalization and reached Saint-Gobain Packaging division in 1972.

As a global glass bottle manufacturer, Verallia has its headquarters in Spain. Verallia is known for operating several production facilities in Spain that supply glass bottles and jars. Normally, the product portfolio of Verallia includes the best packaging solutions for food, beverages, and personal care products.

The company has been massively refining the way of manufacturing the glass bottles. These involve designing and producing glass bottles from reused and recycled products. These would definitely make it quite a sustainable packaging material with maximum durability. Verallia Group has

  • 34 Glass Plants
  • 5 Decor Plants
  • 19 Glassware Processing centers
  • Produced more than 16 Billion Bottles and Jars in 2023
  • 63 Furnaces
  • 12 Product Development Centers

Verallia supplies the products to more than 10,000 companies from across the world. These involve major international brands, local family producers and many more others in 12 countries. The company has a main focus on innovation constantly striving to meet the evolving needs of customers with the 200 years of history. Verallia has massively invested in Research and Development for creating the cutting-edge designs. It also involves providing customized solutions with an emphasis the sustainability. The company has been making the best range of progress in reducing its carbon footprint.

Verallia has also been incorporating recycled glass across its production process, enabling energy-efficient practices. The company follows varied strategies for designing and manufacturing glass packaging solutions. Verallia is known for its creative designs as well as its dedication to client satisfaction.

In 2015, Verallia becomes a stand-alone corporation and in 2019, the company has been public listed. As a leading Spanish manufacturer of food and drink items, Verallia aims to extensively revolutionize glass production by reusing and recycling them. They are quite an expert in designing, manufacturing and even recycling glass packaging.

  1. Vidrios de Levante:

Vidrios de Levante is the leading glass bottle manufacturer in Spain specializing in glass upon its establishments in 1980s.  The company has been offering various products such as glassware and tableware, decorative items and more. Vidrios de Levante has a rich history of reaching the top position among glass bottle manufacturers. The company also has a stellar reputation for bringing superior wares. Dedication to being in the forefront of technology also makes the company easily become a significant industry player. Vidrios de Levante is known for providing a range of products such as recycled glass, high-strength tempered glass, handmade glass, and more.

Company has been offering glass packaging solutions for food, beauty, drink, and many other items. The company is also quite famous for its complete creative designs along with dedication. Some of the products manufactured by Vidrios de Levante are decanters, bottles, salad bowls, beer mugs, and more. Most of the products are especially produced from recycled glass in Spain.

Vidrios de Levante stands out from the competition with bringing providing unique packaging options. Customers are quite satisfied with the excellent services for the ready-made packaging, custom designs and many more. The company also ensures the bottle retains its original qualities with enabling 100% recyclable glass. These also extensively promote better sustainability even without sacrificing the quality of the product in the best manner. Large-scale operations of the company with extensive industry experience make it one of the reliable choices for business.

  1. Estal Packaging:

Since 1998, Estal is a company that provides packaging solutions for Spain customers and industries. The company caters the food and beverage and beauty sectors. Of course, 25 years ago, we began to offer premium glass packaging. The Estal Packing is continued to grow and embrace the design and challenges of innovative and creative glass bottles for various products. The company is located at C/Taper, 23, Polígono Industrial Bujonis 17220 Sant Feliu de Guíxols Girona, Spain. This manufacturer brings complementing the glass with customization solutions such as closures, decorations and designs.

Estal Packaging produces wild glass for distilleries, wine, spirits, recycled bottles and innovative aesthetics. Of course, Estal Packaging is better notice by designing innovative and high quality glass bottles for various items and industries. Innovation is a main success factor for this packaging manufacturer. They are always one step ahead in manufacturing advanced and evolving market size for the customers. This manufacturer has nearly 80 professionals working together to bring innovative glass bottles and packaging solutions. Estal packaging is a must one for industrial bottle manufacturers in Spain and notices its creative thoughts in designing and manufacturer.

  1. Vidrionorte:

Vidrionorte is a key player in designing the Spanish glass bottle manufacturing in the industry. However, this is a top notch glass bottle manufacturer based in Spain and specialized in production of high quality glass containers for various industries and retailers. The main success of this manufacturer is vast history of craftsmanship and innovation to establish a reliable supplier of glass packaging solutions. Now, this is the most strongest and top notch glass manufacturer tradition and expertise in the industry as well. They leverage to produce array of glass bottles and jars such as beverages, food products and cosmetics. Customization is a backbone for the company to establish a strong growth in the glass manufacturing.

Vidrionorte offers tailor made solutions to cater the specific requirements of the clients, such as unique bottle designs, size, and closures. The production company is also large and gets high business volume orders or tight timelines to be delivered within the due date. Greater production capabilities taken around and now the company boost the sales in the Spain. Vidrionorte craftsmanship, commitment to customization and array of specific products make trusted partner to gain business for those who are need in of glass packaging solutions in Spain. Now, it is the most wanted manufacturer glass bottle company in Spain for us.

  1. Ramón Clemente:

Ramon Clemente is specializing in perfume and cosmetic glass bottles manufacturer in Spain. Of course, it is family run business and the third generation of glassmakers in the industry. The manufacturer has nearly 180 people at the service in producing quality and environment sensitivity, flexible and ability to produce small runs. The customers are always loyal and ensure to get the high quality glass bottles to design and manufacturer to the industries. Ramon Clemente manufacturer goal is to help perfume and cosmetic designers and producers to make their products to sell in the quality bottles. The company has experience and expertise in finding out enthusiasm to collaborate with enhanced demand customers. With continuous improvement in the glass bottle making, this manufacturer has a standalone position in the Spain industry. Their products speak who they are and how they are important for the bottle making process.

As a branded bottle manufacturer, creative and innovative design speaks about their quality work. The company glass manufacturing is always straightforward and no hidden charges from the customers applicable. They follows training and continuous linear path in glass bottle making. They process loading raw materials in the melting furnace and glass rob is formed. At Ramon Clemente, manufacturer glass containers are shaping with paint and decorate them. The exclusive bottles are always designing and unique perfumery, cosmetic, gourmet and room diffuser industries need. The manufacturer develops more than 70 new exclusive products of our customers every year. The process includes design, models, moulds and screen printing to finishes.

  1. Cristallerie de Saint-Remy:

Cristallerie de Saint-Remy started high end glass packaging solutions from 1991 and manufacturer in focusing on main product. In 2004, the company has to focus on exclusive on glass and specialize in more generating a good base of customers loyal to work and implied with enhance the production plant of 80000 square meters. We then moved to build a new production with a staff with 55 multidisciplinary professionals. Located in Spain, Cristallerie de Saint-Remy benefits from the country strong glass manufacturing tradition. The company has the facilities to equip with modern infrastructure and advanced technology and enable in crafting glass containers to meet ability to cater the various industries.

The advantage of choosing this company is to ability to cater to various industries by picking the detail and precision for crafting the glass containers to meet specific requirements to the clients. One advantage of choosing it as ability is to cater various industries to cater the beverage companies. They are to seek attractive and functional bottle designs or cosmetic brands with elegant perfume bottles. They take an important role and have a faith in designing and branding glass bottle manufacturer in Spain. The manufacturer offers solution to handle different sectors and provide customization options. It allows customers to create unique and branded packaging need.

  1. Cristalerías de Mataró

Cristalerías de Mataró is very popular for its exclusive range of glass packaging products. They have been active in this field since 1973. It has operated between 1919 & 2008. Pau Pi, Josep Juan & Timoteu Estanyol are the capitalist partners of this company. They are exclusively dedicating themselves to the glass and further growth out here. They have a group of skilled experts in their company to make an art out of it without fail effectively.

Their team is also ready to work for both individuals and companies very effectively. They have clients from all across the globe. The clients they have are well-reputed companies in furniture and decoration for various top-brand stores. It is one of the top specialities of this company to grab the most effective process.

The firm also consists of many facilities, and these facilities come with 2000 sqm of the workshop and 400 sqm of exhibition & office. Currently, they have the most exclusive and highly advanced technology on the market. With that, here, they have the necessary experience and a professionally qualified team to execute the glass manufacturing process without any issues.

They have a passion for specialization and innovation to make everything work perfectly on behalf of glass manufacturing. The services they provide are contract manufacturing with 100% service lines. The glass manufacturing will be around 100%. They focus on various industries like real estate, hospitality & leisure and business services. Their real estate percentage is around 40%m, hospitality & leisure percentage is around 30% and business services percentage is around 30%.

Currently, this company is the top player in this glass manufacturing field in Spain. You can find a different range of glass containers from this company, such as bottles for jars & beverages for various food products. It is highly emphasized with versatility and quality in their exclusive services. The company also have a strong market presence and it is the added highlight of this company. Here also, the products are directly exported to the international markets without fail. Many industries prefer to use these glass packaging solutions and want to fulfil their needs very effectively. Till now, they are doing great, and in future, they are planning to increase their facilities all across the globe.

  1. Cristal de La Granja

Cristal de La Granja is also one of the leading glass bottle manufacturers in Spain. They have been very famous in this field since the 18th century. The company was founded in 1770. Buenaventura Sit & Carlos Sac have established this company. They are producing top notch quality glass bottles across different industries without fail.

These glass bottle manufacturers in Spain are highly popular for their craftsmanship and precision. All the products they will manufacture in their workshop very effectively. It can perfectly maintain the same manufacturing techniques and processes without the help of hand, moulds and blow cane. It can be easily possible here since the master blowers from this firm have huge skills in this process, and hence, they can easily provide the most effective services.

Here you have skilled artisans to perfectly manufacture all the glass and follow the traditional process of the Cristal de La Granja. When you see their result, you can experience the grandness and richness without fail. La Granja glass comes with highly excellent quality, and the artisan’s skills can be helpful for everyone to take such kind of extraordinary glasses to the next level. Therefore they are famous across the globe, and they have a wide range of clients.

The services they provide also are contract manufacturing with 100% service lines. Then there glass manufacturing are also will be around 100%. They focus on a different range of industries, such as government and arts, music & entertainment. The government percentage they handle will be around 50%, and their arts, music & entertainment will be around 50% without any issues.

Cristal de La Granja has a great, rich history that dates back to its special abilities in manufacturing glass bottles. They are very consistent in providing the most advanced and top-notch quality glass packaging solutions. They also know how to adapt to the latest technological advancements and market changes. Therefore, you can trust their service at all times and experience the most exclusive factors.

The product range of the company includes various glass bottles for food jars, specialty containers and beverages. The products available here are highly famous for their design and durability. They have services in both international and local markets and offer high-quality and reliable packaging solutions. They also have earned a strong reputation in this industry with their commitment to their quality.

  1. La Mediterránea

If you want to find a company that specializes in advanced quality eco-friendly glass bottles & packaging, then La Mediterránea is the perfect choice. The company was founded in 1990. Giacomo Abrignani is the founder of this company. Here you can have a group of skilled experts and technicians to manufacture the glass bottles in Spain without any issues.

Everyone you find here has a unique motive to fulfil their need and requirements. On that basis, the team of this company can effectively provide everyone the extraordinary quality output. From the establishment itself, they have focused on following sustainable glass manufacturing practices very effectively.

Their main aim is to promote sustainability in the glass bottle manufacturing. They are best at providing highly exclusive eco-friendly glass packaging solutions. The products from this company include an exclusive range of environmentally friendly jars & glass bottles for the food & beverage industries. The designs here you find can highlight sustainability without any compromise on aesthetics. The firm has a strong presence in the present market that focuses more on environmental responsibility and sustainability. They have quality products that are famous among brands that focus more on eco-friendly packaging solutions.


From the scenario mentioned above, now you have a better idea about the top 10 glass bottle manufacturers in Spain. The manufacturers mentioned above have a great history and their main products are really great and experts. They are also highly competitive in the market, and hence, you can expect a better result. You will always be satisfied with these professional glass bottle manufacturers in Spain.

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