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2024 Top 10 Glass Bottle Manufacturers in the UAE

Are you looking for the best glass bottle manufacturers in the UAE? Want to ensure you’re partnering with trusted suppliers known for prime quality and service? In case of yes, you got the right place! 

In this fast-paced and environmentally conscious era, the significance of sustainable packaging solutions cannot be overstated. Among packaging methods, glass bottles have emerged as a timeless and eco-friendly option, holding immense potential.   

This comprehensive guide presents the top 10 glass bottle manufacturers in the UAE. We just hand-picked them for their excellence, covering everything from industry trends to optimizing your procurement process.  

Ruisheng, a professional glass bottle manufacturer, has more than 20 years of experience in high flint glass bottle production and knows the entire bottle industry well.  Here we listed the top 10 glass bottle manufacturers in UAE based on our industry experience to help you find reliable glass bottle manufacturers for your business.

Company Name Location Key Information
Global Packaging UAE Leading glass bottle manufacturer in the UAE, emphasizing customer satisfaction and offering exceptional manufacturing and supply services.
Al Samaa Packaging & Packaging Mat. Tr. LLC Sharjah, UAE Respected glass bottle manufacturer known for meticulously crafted bottles that combine aesthetic appeal with superior functionality.
Mohd Abdulla Shamsi AlAwazi & Part. L.L.C. Dubai, UAE Specializes in manufacturing glass bottles for home goods, kitchenware, and glassware, offering a diverse collection of intricately designed products.
AMMAT GLASS INDUSTRIES FZE Dubai, UAE Global leader in glass container manufacturing, catering to multinational giants in the food and beverage industry with advanced technologies.
Al Dana Factory Glass Bottles Sharjah, UAE Top supplier of empty glass bottles in the UAE, earning trust in industries like food, beverage, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics with sustainable practices.
Harwal Containers Manufacturing LLC UAE Manufacturer of high-quality glass bottles and containers for various industries, known for their commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction.
Decor Glass UAE Glass bottle manufacturer offering a wide range of packaging solutions, known for their focus on design, quality, and customization options.
HS-Beautypacking UAE Supplier of glass bottles for the beauty and cosmetic industry, offering a range of packaging solutions to enhance product presentation and appeal.
Esan Bottle UAE Manufacturer of glass bottles for various industries, providing customized solutions and ensuring high-quality products that meet customer requirements.
Al Wara UAE Glass bottle manufacturer catering to diverse industries, known for their commitment to excellence and delivering glass bottles with elegance and style.

Global Packaging-Best Glass Bottle Manufacturer in UAE

Global Packaging, since 2002, has been revolutionizing the perfume and cosmetic industry. As the leading glass bottle manufacturer in the UAE, they emphasize customer satisfaction. Their relentless pursuit of eminence has propelled their growth, earning them a well-deserved reputation.  

At Global Packaging, customer happiness drives them. Their seamless services help you achieve your business objectives.  

Global Packaging

For over 16 years, they’ve grown by introducing new products and forging partnerships. Their expertise in design and manufacturing allows them to overcome challenges effortlessly. Backed by skilled professionals and top-notch infrastructure, they surpass even the most complex demands. Rigorous standards ensure their services exceed expectations. Their expanding clientele attests to their constant striving for excellency.   

Born from a client-centered approach, Global Packaging rapidly grew by tailoring services to your essentials. They deliver exceptional glass bottle manufacturing and supply services that surpass expectations.  


Al Samaa Packaging & Packaging Mat. Tr. LLC-Glass Bottle Manufacturer in Sharjah

Offering a diverse array of meticulously crafted bottles,  Al Samaa Packaging & Packaging Mat. Tr. LLC has been delivering aesthetic appeal and superior functionality.  

Their name resonates as reliable and respected in the glass bottle manufacturing industry. With their uncompromising focus on precision, their glass bottles captivate the senses. Their vow to excellency ensures every glass bottle reflects their passion for merit. They adhere to the highest industry standards, with careful design and flawless manufacturing.  

Al Samaa Packaging & Packaging Mat. Tr. LLC (1)

At Al Samaa Packaging, innovation knows no bounds. They continuously explore new techniques and materials to push the boundaries of manufacturing glass bottles. 

With precision craftsmanship, innovation, and consumer contentment at their core, Al Samaa Packaging is a leading name in glass bottle manufacturing. Their expertise creates bottles that embody elegance, functionality, and unique designs. 

Collaborate with them to unleash the actual potential of your product and make an everlasting impact in the glass bottle manufacturing industry.  

Mohd Abdulla Shamsi AlAwazi & Part. L.L.C. -Glass Bottle Manufacturer in Dubai

Mohd Abdulla Shamsi AlAwazi & Part. L.L.C. specializes in manufacturing glass bottles for home goods, kitchenware, and glassware. By seamlessly merging functionality and artistic allure, they enchant customers with their diverse collection of intricately designed glass bottles.   

Committing to greatness, it creates glassware that embodies beauty and grade. They craft artistic products, from sleek coffee jars to enchanting honey bottles and mason jars.  

Mohd Abdulla Shamsi AlAwazi & Part. L.L.C.  (1)

As one of the leading glass bottle suppplier in the UAE, Mohd Abdulla Shamsi AlAwazi & Part. L.L.C. believes in providing superior products at the best prices, ensuring value is accessible to all.  

Their extensive range caters to diverse needs and tastes. From everyday spray bottles to elegant perfume and attar/scent bottles, tola bottles, and cosmetic accessories, they offer something for everyone.  

Their commitment to craftsmanship, variety, and affordability sets them apart in the glass bottle manufacturing industry. Rest assured, choose their glass bottles that blend elegance and functionality seamlessly.   

 AMMAT GLASS INDUSTRIES FZE-Glass Bottle Supplier Dubai

AMMAT Glass Industries FZE, a prominent member of the Al Tajir group, has become a global leader in glass container manufacturing. Based in Dubai, this visionary company caters to multinational giants in the food and beverage industry.  

Teaming up with industry experts like SORG Group, EME, and SKS, they united their strengths. They synergized their expertise in batch and cullet handling, melting technologies, furnace design, construction, and lifecycle services. It unleashed the Power of 3, resulting in remarkable advancements and achievements.  


It has solidified its leadership in the glass manufacturing world with heightened efficiency, reduced energy consumption, expanded capacity, and improved precision.  

As one of the leading glass bottle manufacturers in the UAE, AMMAT Glass Industries FZE employs the latest technologies and expertise to create outstanding products for customers worldwide. Their dedication to perfection has driven them to the forefront of the industry. It makes them a trusted and preferred choice for all glass manufacturing needs.  

Al Dana Factory Glass Bottles-Empty Glass Bottles Supplier UAE

Since 1996, Al Dana Factory Glass Bottles, located in Sharjah, UAE, has been a top empty glass bottles supplier UAE. They have earned the trust of various industries like food, beverage, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics with their reliability as a supplier.  

Setting themselves apart with sustainable practices, they hold prestigious ISO certifications. With unyielding perseverance to supreme grade, they manufacture glass bottles that truly shine.   

glass bottle manuffacturers in the UAE

Providing an array of options in terms of sizes, shapes, and colors, they meet your distinct requirements. With their flawless customized glass bottles, you will leave a lasting impression on your brand’s audience.  

For exceptional glass bottles to strengthen your brand, look no further than Al Dana Factory Glass Bottles. With years of experience, a sustainable approach, and a never-ending quest for improvement, they are the go-to choice for businesses seeking brilliance in packaging.    

Harwal Containers Manufacturing LLC 

For over 25 years, Harwal Containers Manufacturing LLC has been a reputable label known for producing choice glass bottles. Their wide array of bottle choices in various finishes, sizes, and colors showcases their pledge to environmental protection. With premium materials and cutting-edge technology, they spare no expense in guaranteeing the highest benchmarks.  

glass bottle supplier

As one of the professional glass bottle manufacturers in the UAE, they excel in customizing bottles to meet specific requirements, guaranteeing excellent customer satisfaction. Their ISO certification demonstrates their devotion to maintaining the best benchmarks.  

Moreover, they prioritize sustainability by incorporating recycled materials in their manufacturing process.  

Their continuous product and technological advancements set the pace in the industry. With relentless attention to staying ahead, their unwavering reliability and trustworthiness have propelled them globally. They have been exporting their top products to over 100 countries worldwide.  

Choose them as your partner to experience their superior products, customization options, and exceptional customer service.  

Decor Glass 

Decor Glass has been evolving as the trendsetter of glass bottle manufacturing in the UAE and the Middle East. It understands the value of differentiation in a competitive market. They use cutting-edge techniques in the glass bottle decoration industry to maintain a leading position.  

At Decor Glass, you’ll find a wide range of services to fulfill your glass bottle decoration needs. They offer a one-stop solution, from screen printing and color coating to foiling, promotional repacks, and product boxing.  

glass jar manufacturers in the UAE

Decor Glass offers bespoke solutions, transforming your ideas into extraordinary glass bottle designs. Their expert team surpasses expectations, helping you shine in the market.  

Decor Glass is synonymous with the incomparable marker. Their meticulous material selection ensures visually stunning and durable glass bottles. Beyond products, they hone in on an exceptional customer experience, supporting you throughout the journey.  

Get to new heights by connecting with them today and unlocking a world of innovation. 


Hangzhou Hongsu IOT Development Co., Ltd. stands tall as the unrivaled champion in crafting glass bottles for the cosmetics and perfume industries. They showcase unparalleled brilliance in superiority and innovation. With a remarkable legacy spanning over two decades, it has cemented its reputation as a beacon of performance.  

The company offers a treasure trove of bespoke glass bottles, fusing classic and contemporary designs. Their meticulously crafted, superb glass bottles come in diverse sizes and finishes, tailored to embody the essence of your needs.  

Hangzhou Hongsu excels beyond bottles, offering a comprehensive variety of services as your reliable partner. With custom design, efficient manufacturing, fast turnaround, and competitive pricing, they let your vision comes true.      

Glass bottle manufacturing

With ISO 9001 certification, their focus lies on upholding quality measures and assuring the utmost consumer loyalty. Their experienced team supports you throughout your journey, ensuring you achieve your goals.    

Experience elegance and reliability with Hangzhou Hongsu’s superior glass bottles for cosmetics and perfumes.    

Esan Bottle 

E&San Cosmetic Packing Co. Ltd. excels in the finest cosmetic packaging, including glass perfume bottles, spray bottles, rollerball bottles, and more. With over 20 years of industry experience, they have gained a strong reputation for preeminence.  

E&San crafts robust and transparent borosilicate glass perfume bottles, offering an array of shapes, sizes, and colors. It provides customizable bottle designs that perfectly match your requirements.   

glass bottle manufacturing

E&San also produces exceptional aluminum bottles besides glass bottles. Their advanced manufacturing facility and technology let them manufacture top-notch products at competitive prices. Backed by a satisfaction guarantee, their products ensure unrivaled brilliance.     

E&San values reliability and trust, providing immaculate after-sales service to many companies. With a robust inventory, personalized customization options, a creative R&D team, and precise manufacturing capabilities, E&San ensures a unique and tailored experience.  

Choose E&San as your preferred manufacturer for glass and aluminum bottles, spray bottles, and other cosmetic packaging products.  

Al Wara 

Harnessing over a decade of expertise, Al Wara stands tall as a celebrated authority in the perfume industry, focusing on crafting premium glass bottles. Through their unwavering commitment to fulfilling customer needs, they have built a renowned presence in the field, earning the trust and respect of all who engage with them.  

At Al Wara, you’ll find everything you need for perfume packaging in one place. Their skilled engineers and designers strive to deliver innovative and stylish packaging solutions that elevate your business above the competition.   

Recognizing the weight of individuality, Al Wara provides custom bottle shapes, personalized labels, and specialized printing techniques tailored to your specific requirements.  

At Al Wara, excellence is evident in three key areas. They use the finest materials and manufacturing methods to create long-lasting glass bottles. Secondly, they lead in design, offering innovative packaging options. Lastly, their outstanding client support ensures experienced professionals are always there to assist throughout the ordering process.      

Opt for Al Wara for unparalleled glass bottle manufacturing now to enrich your brand with first-rate solutions.  


To put it simply, the UAE is home to an impressive lineup of top glass bottle manufacturers that excel in innovation and sustainability. These manufacturers are the real deal, delivering excellent and remarkable distinction in every sip and swatch.  

This guide has been your trusted compass, providing actionable insights to quench your glass bottle cravings. Now, don’t be a shrinking violet! 

Reach out to these reputable manufacturers and spill the beans about your needs. Equipped with this knowledge, don’t underestimate the impact of packaging on your business—choose a manufacturer that shares your vision and uncork a world of endless possibilities. 

About Shandong Yuncheng Ruisheng Glass Co., Ltd

Founded in 2009, Shandong Yuncheng Ruisheng Glass Co., Ltd, located in Yuncheng Shandong, China, is one of the biggest super flint glass bottle manufacturers in China. The company mainly offer custom glass bottle wholesale service for liquor, spirit, whiskey, vodka, brandy, and other alcoholic drinks. The operation principle is high quality and high definition.

Ruisheng Glass Bottle

The company has invested in 2 production lines of the most advanced 8S fully automatic machine, 3 production lines of CNC manual machines, 4 production lines of CNC Semi-automatic machines. Our factory also has 2 sets of IS machines. The 8S machine and CNC machines are used to produce first-grade glass bottle – supper flint glass bottles. The daily output is 120,000pcs. The IS machines are used for produce middle-grade glass bottles, and their daily output is 200,000pcs.

Our company has more than 500 employees and a group of skilled engineers. With rich experience, we have got a good reputation all over the world.

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