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2024 Top 10 Glass Olive Oil Bottle Manufacturers

Glass bottles are sustainable, do not let the chemicals leach into the substance inside the bottles, and are recyclable, refillable, and reusable. Therefore, glass bottles are considered an ideal option for preserving foods and drinks, as no synthetic chemicals are used in the manufacturing process of glass bottles.

You will notice that the olive oil is preserved in dark glass bottles or metal containers. Plastic bottles or cans are not used for olive oil packaging.

And the reasons are apparent, as plastic lets UV rays penetrate oil when exposed. Besides, plastic bottles have traces of BPA chemicals that can leach into the oil preserved in the bottles.

When you have to preserve olive oil, the essential factors to take care of include the following:

  • Use dark bottles or store the bottles in dark places
  • Avoid the contact of olive oil with air; if unavoidable, try to keep minimum contact
  • Keep olive oil away from any heat source
  • Don’t use metal containers to avoid the oxidation of olive oil.

After knowing that the metal and plastic containers are not fit to preserve olive oil, the only option is olive oil glass bottles. However, finding dependable glass bottle manufacturers is also a time taking a job.

If you are an olive oil purification and packaging company, we will list the best available glass olive oil bottle manufacturers for you. You can check out our recommendations to know which manufacturer is the right fit for your brand.

Why Are Glass Bottles Best For Preserving Olive Oil?

Metal cans and plastic bottles do not fit for olive oil preservation. But it might not convince a brand why glass is the only sustainable material for oil preservation.

 Here are some reasons why glass bottles are ideal for preserving olive oil:

  • Glass does not releases any chemicals in the oil. Therefore, it maintains the properties of the olive oil
  • Dark glass bottles don’t let the light interact with the olive oil
  • Glass bottles are affordable and easy to use
  • Glass bottles do not interfere with the aroma and color of the oils

1. Ruisheng Glass Bottle

Shandong Yuncheng Ruisheng Glass Co. Ltd has been one of the finest glass bottle manufacturers since 2009. The manufacturing facility of the company is located in Yungcheng Shandong, China. The company specializes in over 300 series packaging glass bottles wholesale.

Ruisheng Glass Bottle

The company has 2 advanced 8S fully automatic machine production lines, 3 manual CNC machines, and 4 semi-automatic CNC production lines. You can get custom-designed bottles for beverages, oil, water, and other beverages for your gourmet food brands or a packaging company.

Ruisheng Glass Bottle Manufacturers specializes in a vast collection of glass bottles, including:

  • Alcoholic Beverages
  • Liquor Bottles
  • Tequila Bottles
  • Water Bottles
  • Oil Bottles

The company exports wholesale glass bottles to different regions, including Europe and America. The exporting areas include the UK, Canada, USA, Scotland, Mexico, Germany, France, and Italy.

2. Olive Oils Land

Olive Oil Land is a family business of a North Macedonian family who migrated to Akhisar, Turkey, after the second world war. The company started harvesting Izmir olives and extracting Turkey’s finest quality olive oils.

Olive Oils Land (1)

The company also works with top glass bottle manufacturers and as an olive oil bottle supplier. Besides, the company also works with private label Olive oil brands for bottle supplying and filling.

The company is known for different ranges of olive oil, including extra virgin, organic, pomace olive oil, flavored olive oil, refined oil, table olives, etc. Besides, they also provide services to private-label olive oil brands in the packaging and branding of different varieties of olive oil and table olives.

The company exports high-quality olive oil to brands and businesses worldwide. Besides, the expert teams also work with private-label olive oil businesses worldwide to create unique brands.

3. VetroElite

VetroElite is an Italy-based company highly specialized in glass manufacturing. The company has into the business for more than 25 years, and they are known for glass bottles used for food preservation, spirits, wines, and other liquids.

VetroElite (1)

Besides the exclusive range of glass containers, jars, and bottles, VetroElite also offers add-on services to businesses. They provide their business clients with marketing, graphic designing, and glass decoration consultation to help create a unique brand identity for clients’ businesses.

If we talk about different types of glass bottles, the company is known for its high-end design and quality of glass bottles for olive oil, refined vinegar, sparkling wines, spirits, water, etc. Besides, the glass containers for gourmet foods, perfumes & cosmetics jars are also the company’s specialty.

The company has several offices worldwide, including Europe, New York City, Ohio, Russia, and Poland. VetroElite is working with different businesses worldwide for glass bottling to market the products through unique designs and high quality.

4. SKS Bottle And Packaging, Inc.

SKS Bottle and Packaging Inc. has been a glass olive oil bottle manufacturer since 1986, and the company is carrying out the business online. The American company started as a family business. However, it has grown immensely, with 8 locations and 2 warehouses in different states of the US.

SKS Bottle And Packaging, Inc. (1)

Olive oil bottles are not the only product of SKS Bottle and Packaging, Inc. Instead, glass olive oil bottles are just one of the 6000 types of containers and closures the company is offering. They offer blue, amber, and clear glass bottles to preserve different liquids. Besides glass bottles, plastic bottles, metal containers, caps/closures, and cardboard containers are also offered.

The company also provides customized packaging to private label businesses and brands to match the brand identity of respective businesses.

SKS Bottle & Packaging works with small businesses to provide them with wholesale prices of bottles, containers, and customized packaging, even for smaller orders. Besides, large companies are also the company’s target market, and there are deep discounts for such prominent clients. Although the company’s primary focus is American businesses, the worldwide supply chain is also operational.

5. Berlin Packaging

As the name suggests, Berlin Packaging is part of Berlin Packaging EMEA, the world’s largest glass bottle supplier with 100+ years of history in the packaging industry. The company has nine offices in Austria, Spain, France, Luxembourg, Portugal, Belgium, Italy, Germany, and the Netherlands.

Berlin Packaging (

Berlin Packaging offers different packaging solutions ranging from buckets to drums, jars to tins, and glass bottles to plastic bottles. The company serves customers worldwide in packaging design, manufacturing, and customization for the packaging industry.

Glass olive oil bottles, metal tins, and bottles, as well as different designs of glass bottles for olive oil, are offered by Berlin Packaging. Berlin Packaging targets B2B and B2C customers in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. Whether you are a 500 fortune company, a family-owned business, or a personalized brand, you can find the right packaging solution from Berlin Packaging.

6. SeekBottles Trusted Glass Bottle Manufacturer

SeekBottles Trusted Glass Bottle Manufacturer is a China-based company specializing in manufacturing and supplying glass bottles and jars for diverse industries, including the food, pharmaceutical, beverages, and cosmetics. With sustainability at its core, the manufacturer has 10 years of experience in glass manufacturing.

SeekBottles Trusted Glass Bottle Manufacturer (1)

With over 8 production lines, the company specializes in designing, molding, labeling, and customizing glass bottles for different products and industries. The main products of SeekBottles include glass bottles for non-alcoholic drinks(water, milk, honey, etc.), olive oil glass bottles, alcoholic beverages glass bottles, spices jars, capsule bottles, pharma syrup bottles, caps, and lids.

If we specifically talk about olive oil bottles, they offer glass bottles of different designs, sizes, and labeling for olive oil preservation.

SeekBottles is serving businesses in the mentioned industries from all over the world. From manufacturing to wholesale supplying and customizing glass bottles, SeekBottles has its B2B clients spread worldwide.

7. Glassays

Glassays is one of the leading glass olive oil bottle manufacturers. The factory is located in Suzhou, a short drive from Shanghai. Operational since 1998, the company has closed deals with over 500 B2B clients from all 5 continents of the world. The 60,000+ sq. meter factory with over 2000 workers is the hub of innovation and redefining glass bottling.

Glassays (1)

Glass bottles for olive oil, vinegar, pharmaceutical products(syrups & capsules), champagne, perfumes, and other alcoholic & non-alcoholic drinks are designed, manufactured, labeled, and delivered by Glassays. Glassays also designs and manufactures glass jars for food items like jams, table olives, spices, etc., and glasses for serving alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.

The primary market of Glassays comprises businesses and brands in the food, beverages, cosmetics, and pharmaceutical industries. Even the brands can work together with the competent product design engineer and marketing manager of Glassays to create customized solutions to resonate with their brand identity.

8. SGS Bottle Manufacturer

SGSBottle Manufacturer is also a China-based company providing olive oil glass bottles and other glass packaging solutions. The company is one of the best glass olive oil bottle manufacturers in China and specializes in glass jar design and production. 

SGSBottle has over 20 years of experience in bottle manufacturing, designing, and supplying.

SGS Bottle Manufacturer (1)

SGSBottle Manufacturer is working on different glass bottles, jars, and containers for the Food, Health, Cosmetics, Beverages, and Spirit industries. The company has several solutions, from diverse designs to different bottle capacities, to cater to the needs of worldwide customers.

The services of SGSBottle include designing, manufacturing, packaging, and supplying glass containers & jars to B2B customers, large businesses, and wholesalers. The main overseas markets of the company are Canada, Australia, the Middle East, and the USA.

9. Varakka Enterprises

Varakka Enterprises is also one of the world’s top glass olive oil bottle manufacturers. The company is based in Uttar Pradesh, India, and specializes in designing & manufacturing glass jars and bottles.o It is not an old company, but Varakka Enterprises has caught much attention due to the exclusive array of glass packaging with the finest quality.

Varakka Enterprises (1)

The medium-sized manufacturing and supplying company offers a diverse product range of glass bottles and jars. It includes glass milk bottles, olive oil bottles, liquor glass bottles, food and beverages, Koena round glass jars, salsa glass jars, matki glass jars, octagonal & hexagonal glass jars, and more.

The company provides designing, manufacturing, and supplying services in wholesale as well as retail markets. The main markets of Varakka Enterprises are local and international businesses in the food, beverages, pharmaceutical, health, and cosmetics industries.

10. Honor Bottle

Last but not least, Honor Bottle is a glass bottle manufacturer in the Shandong province of China. The company was established in 2005 and took not too much time to become a diversified and finest glass bottle manufacturer at affordable costs. All the packaging and glass bottles manufactured at Honor Bottle factory meet the highest standards set by Western organizations.

Honor Bottle (1)

If we talk about the products, the company is indeed manufacturing and supplying olive oil glass bottles besides other glass jars & containers. However, the most successful products of Honor Bottle Company are in for food, cosmetics, and beverages industries. The range of glass packaging includes glass jars for spices, jams, table olives, etc., oil bottles, milk/water bottles, liquor bottles, glass beer bottles, and swing-top glass bottles.

Whether you want the olive oil glass bottles to quote for your oil brand or want to take on the services of Honor Bottle in other niches, the company focuses on markets from all over the world. Besides, Honor Bottle Company also provides customized solutions to brands who want a private label for packaging olive oil or other products.


The non-reactive glass is delicate but the best solution for packaging and preserving olive oil. We have mentioned the top 10  glass olive oil bottle manufacturers. Every manufacturer has its specialization and market focus.

However, you can get a quote from any companies to know if they are ready to collaborate with you in designing and supplying olive oil bottles for your brand or business. 


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