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Top 10 Liquor Glass Bottle Manufacturers in India

Top 10 Liquor Glass Bottle Manufacturers in India

The glass bottle is a traditional liquor and beverage packaging container in the world, and glass as a packaging material has a long history! With many packaging materials in the market, glass material still an important packaging style.

Glass bottles are very important in each country and very popular among customers, especially in India. It shows that about 1.4 billion people in India now, and with the development of the Indian economy, there has a large demand for glass bottles. Let’s see the top 10 liquor glass bottle manufacturers in India!

Shandong Yuncheng Ruisheng Glass Co., Ltd

Founded in 2009, Shandong Yuncheng Ruisheng Glass Co., Ltd, located in Yuncheng Shandong, China, is one of the biggest super flint glass bottle manufacturers in China. The company mainly offer custom glass bottle wholesale service for liquor, spirit, whiskey, vodka, brandy, and other alcoholic drinks. The operation principle is high quality and high definition.

Ruisheng Glass Bottle

The company has invested in 2 production lines of the most advanced 8S fully automatic machine, 3 production lines of CNC manual machines, 4 production lines of CNC Semi-automatic machines. Our factory also has 2 sets of IS machines. The 8S machine and CNC machines are used to produce first-grade glass bottle – supper flint glass bottles. The daily output is 120,000pcs. The IS machines are used for produce middle-grade glass bottles, and their daily output is 200,000pcs.

Our company has more than 500 employees and a group of skilled engineers. With rich experience, we have got a good reputation all over the world.

1. Haldyn Glass Limited

Haldyn Glass Limited (HGL) founded in 1991,  one of the leading liquor glass bottle manufacturers in India, engaged in glass bottle manufacture of Soda Lime Flint & Amber Glass containers from 1964 with modern machines and highly skill.

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They get good reviews on Food, Pharmaceutical, Beverages, Liquor, and Beer industries. Their liquor glass bottles capacity from 60ml to 1000ml in different shapes.

2.Glassex India

Glassex India private limited was founded in 1992 located in Miami, one of the leading glass liquor bottle manufacturers and suppliers with large-range glass bottles.

The product range includes liquor glass bottles, glass perfume bottles, glass oil bottles, pharma glass bottles, glass jars, bottle caps, etc.

in order to meet the needs of clients, they have formed associations with several manufactures based in domestic and international markets that help provide logistical advantages to clients. Like Gujarat, Sri Lanka, Oman, china.

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3. Vitrum Glass

Empire Industries Limited-Vitrum Glass, established in 1990 located in Mumbai, Maharashtra. professional glass bottle manufacturing company in India. Products series include Amber Glass Vials, Pharmaceutical Bottles, beer bottles, Plastic ROPP Caps…

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4. PGP Glass

PGP Glass– one of the leading glass bottle manufacturing companies in India and largest specialty glass player in Asia!

It’s a global specialist in the design, production, and decoration of premium glass packaging. It plays an important role in pharmaceutical, cosmetics & perfumery, specialty food & beverages, hand sanitizer.

PGP glass brand had served more than 50 counties, an overall capacity of 1475 tonnes per day, and excellent Design popular in Asia, Europe, and America.

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5. N. G. Glass

G. Glass–establish in 1947 locked in Uttar Pradesh India, branch in Delhi, major exporter & supplier of Perfume Bottles, Medicine Bottles, Nail Polish Bottles, Spray Perfume Bottles, Oil Bottles, etc.

Their advantages: Good reputation in the market, good price, timely delivery, use the latest technology.

The key to success is their innovation!

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AGI glass– established in the year 1972 With two state of the art manufacturing facilities, one in Hyderabad and the other at Bhongir. 3000 employees. Many kinds of bottles from 5ml to 4000ml.

high-quality glass bottles meet the demand for Food, Pharmaceuticals, Soft Drinks, Spirits, Beer, Wine, and other industries.

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7. Glass Guru

Glass Guru India Private Limited located in Delhi, a famous glass liquor bottle supplier and manufacturer of jars like honey round glass jars, lug glass jars, cream glass jars, Salsa Glass Jar, Saba Glass Bottle, etc.

Their advantage: professionals team, Wide distribution network, timely delivery, Modern machines, and tools.

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8. Ajanta Packaging

Ajanta Packaging Company founded in 1981 located in Delhi India, offers large range of glass jars and liquor glass bottles in domestic or export foreign counties, used for honey, Ketchup, Jams, Jellies, Pickles…

All jars and glass bottles with high quality control, top partners in Bhutan, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, and UAE.

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9. Chaudhary Glasspack

Chaudhary Glasspack Private Limited lies in Delhi India. Started the business of glass products in 1965.

It’s well known for supply perfumes, cosmetics, food and beverages, liquor, and pharmaceuticals.

also provide plastic and aluminum caps, aerosol pumps, and other packaging materials.


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10. AAPL Solutions

AAPL Solutions (formerly Archana Ampoules Pvt. Ltd.) founded in 1983, supplies pharmaceutical, spirit packaging, food & beverage, lifestyle packaging. Offer good service to win the customer a good review.

Win customer confidence by providing outstanding services driven by a culture of continuous improvement.

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