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Top 10 Rum Distilleries in the World

Rum is often called “the spirit of adventure,” and its history is full of stories of trade, travel, and cultural exchange. But do you know the best distilleries producing rum? Let’s find out the best ten rum distilleries in the world !

Mount Gay (Barbados)-The Largest  Rum Distillery in the World

Barbados has a long history of making rum, and Mount Gay Rum is a big part of that history.  Mount Gay has been around since 1703 and has not only stood the test of time but also set the bar for great rum-making. When you walk into their heritage distillery, you’ll be met with a mix of old and new ideas that make Mount Gay what it is.

Mount Gay Rum Distillery(Barbados)

When the distillery chooses its materials, it shows that it cares about quality. Mount Gay gets the best sugarcane from Barbados’ lush fields to make sure that every batch of rum captures the essence of the island. Every step of the process, from fermentation to distillation, shows how much they care about traditional workmanship.

One of Mount Gay’s distinguishing traits is the usage of both pot and column stills, which allows for a variety of expressions with unique characteristics. No matter what you like, Mount Gay has something for you. The Eclipse is smooth and versatile, and the XO is rich and complicated. Each look shows how well the centuries-old art of blending has been refined.

But Mount Gay’s history goes beyond its main range. The distillery is also known for its special releases and limited versions, which show off the master blenders’ creativity and new ideas. Whether you’re sipping a classic or a rare find, Mount Gay Rum takes you on a journey through Barbados’ illustrious rum-making history.


Appleton Estate (Jamaica)-Best Rum Distillery in Jamaica

For more than 265 years, Appleton Estate has been making rum. The area around Appleton is famous for its beautiful sugarcane fields and old-fashioned copper pot stills. They make many fine rums, and each one tells a story about the Caribbean.

Appleton Estate (Jamaica) rum distillery

In Jamaica, the tropical weather changes the aging process and gives their rums unique tastes. The dedication to quality at Appleton Estate starts with the careful choice of sugarcane, which is picked at its peak to capture the essence of Jamaica’s soil.

Appleton’s signature rums are precisely crafted using the distillery’s traditional copper pot stills. With the help of these stills and the master blenders’ skills, complicated and flavorful spirits that are known all over the world are made.

Appleton Estate has many different kinds of rums, from the Signature Blend, which is smooth and easy to drink, to the Rare Blend, which is rich and strong. Appleton Estate is a true ambassador of Jamaican rum culture because each expression shows how dedicated the distillery is to quality and workmanship.


Havana Club (Cuba)-Best Reviewed Rum Distillery in Cuba

The Havana Club has become a symbol of Cuban rum because it is linked to the place where the mojito and daiquiri were created.

The Havana Club has a long past that goes back to 1878 and is full of Cuban traditions. Every bottle of their famous spirits shows how much the distillery cares about protecting Cuba’s rum-making history. From the time the sugarcane is picked to the time the drink is mixed, Havana Club uses methods that have been passed down from generation to generation.

Havana Club (Cuba) rum distillery

The main reason Havana Club is so successful is that it cares about quality and workmanship. The distillery picks only the best sugarcane and uses old-fashioned copper pot stills to make its rums, which make spirits with unmatched depth and richness.

Any taste can be met by Havana Club’s rums, from the smooth and versatile Añejo 3 Años to the rich and decadent Añejo 7 Años. Every sip of Havana Club is a celebration of Cuba’s rich culture and rum-making history, whether it’s drunk straight up, on the rocks, or in a classic Cuban drink.


Ron Zacapa (Guatemala)

Ron Zacapa, a name synonymous with elegance and excellence, is changing the world of premium rum. Ron Zacapa has been around since the middle of the 20th century and has become a worldwide icon known for its excellent craftsmanship and unique ways of aging.

The Ron Zacapa vineyard is in the rough terrain of Quetzaltenango. They use the Solera aging technique, which is usually used to make sherry. This new method includes cascading rums of different ages together, which gives Ron Zacapa a level of complexity that makes it stand out.

Ron Zacapa (Guatemala) rum distillery

The trip through Ron Zacapa’s warehouses where rums are aged is a treat for the senses. The high-altitude air lets the casks breathe, giving the rums complex tastes. Each expression has its own story to tell about the land in Guatemala, from the light sweetness of caramel and vanilla to the hints of oak and spice.

There are different kinds of Ron Zacapa expressions, but the Solera 23 and the XO are the best. These rums, which are between 6 and 23 years old, show how dedicated the brand is to quality and deserve to be among the best drinks in the world.



Diplomático (Venezuela)

Diplomático has been making great rums in Venezuela since 1959, surrounded by breathtaking scenery. The factory is in the lush valleys of the Andes Mountains. Its commitment to quality and new ideas has made it a respected name in the world of rum.

Diplomático (Venezuela) rum distillery

From the fertile lands of Venezuela, Diplomático picks out the best sugarcane. Because the distillery cares about sustainability and being good to the environment, every step of the production process is done with the greatest care and respect for nature.

One thing that makes Diplomático unique is that it uses a variety of distilling methods, such as column stills, copper pot stills, and batch kettle stills. This variety of methods lets a lot of different expressions come out, each with its own profile and taste profile.

Diplomático’s rums are aged in different types of casks, such as American white oak, ex-bourbon, and ex-sherry casks. Each type of cask gives the end spirit its own unique flavors and aromas. There is something for everyone to enjoy at  Diplomático, from the smooth and easy-to-drink Reserva to the rich and complex Ambassador.


Clément (Martinique)

Clément is a rum distillery in Martinique known for its exquisite agricole rums. Since 1887, the Clément distillery has been making delicious rhum agricole. Clément’s dedication to custom and terroir is clear in every sip of its well-known rums, which are made in beautiful tropical settings.

‘Terroir,’ a French word that means the unique environmental factors that affect agricultural goods, is at the heart of Clément’s philosophy. Clément’s rhum agricole has unique tastes and smells because the sugarcane is grown in the rocky soils of Martinique and basks in the Caribbean sun.

Clément (Martinique)

Most rums are made with molasses, but Clément’s rhum agricole is made with the pure juice of sugarcane. This approach yields rums with a crisp and vibrant character, showcasing the natural sweetness and freshness of the sugarcane.

In Clément’s portfolio, there are a wide range of styles, from the classy and elegant Première Canne to the strong and bold XO. Each rum shows Clément’s unwavering commitment to quality and authenticity, and they all capture the spirit of Martinique’s rich agricultural history.


Foursquare (Barbados)

The Foursquare Distillery is a modern rum giant. Foursquare has a great selection of rums and is known for both sticking to old ways of doing things and coming up with new ones. Come with us as we look at how Foursquare balances tradition and new ideas.

The history of Foursquare Distillery goes back to 1636, making it one of the oldest estates in Barbados that makes rum. Under the direction of Master Distiller Richard Seale, Foursquare continues to honor the island’s rum-making history while also using more modern methods.

Foursquare (Barbados)

Traditional copper pot stills are a big part of Foursquare’s process, and they give their rums a lot of depth and subtlety. Foursquare is also known for its dedication to pure distilling. To make clean and refined spirits, the company uses a continuous column still.

Foursquare is committed to quality all the way through the aging process, where rums are aged in different types of casks, such as bourbon, sherry, and Madeira casks. When rums are aged in more than one barrel, the taste and character of each barrel are reflected in the overall flavor.

Foursquare Distillery is known as a leader in the rum business because it keeps pushing the limits of what is possible by making rums like the famous Foursquare 2004, Doorly’s XO, and the Exceptional Cask series.


J.M (Martinique)

Rhum J.M. has been making great agricole rhum on the beautiful island of Martinique since 1845. Rhum J.M.’s distillery, which is at the base of Mount Pelée, captures the spirit of Martinique’s landscape and produces rums of unmatched quality and distinction.

Rhum J.M (Martinique)

Rhum J.M. has a long history because it sticks to traditional agricole rum-making methods that focus on using newly squeezed sugarcane juice. This method gives the rhum a unique and lively flavor that captures the essence of Martinique’s tropical climate and rich volcanic soils.

The sugarcane used by Rhum J.M. is grown on the estate’s own plantations, which guarantees that the rums are made with the best ingredients. When the cane is picked at its ripest, it is pressed right away to get the juice out, which keeps the natural sweetness and aromatic depth.

From the crisp and grassy Blanc to the rich and robust Vieux, each rum is a testament to Rhum J.M’s dedication to craftsmanship and authenticity.


Plantation (Barbados)

Plantation has been around since 1989 and is known for its commitment to keeping Caribbean rum-making practices alive while adding a modern twist to them.

Plantation’s philosophy is based on the idea of “double aging,” which is a unique method that makes it different from other companies.  Plantation produces a range of premium rums using Barbados and other Caribbean region ingredients, employing a double aging process. Plantation rums are aged in the Caribbean for the first time, and then they are sent to France to age again in cognac barrels, which adds a level of depth and sophistication that is unmatched.

Plantation (Barbados)

In every step of the production process, from choosing the best sugarcane to mixing the finished product and putting it in bottles, Plantation pays close attention to every detail. Due to this dedication to quality, each type of Plantation rum provides a truly exceptional tasting experience.

There is something for every rum lover at Plantation, from the smooth and balanced Barbados 5 Year Old to the rich and decadent XO 20th Anniversary.



Angostura (Trinidad and Tobago):

The famous Angostura distillery is in the lively twin island country of Trinidad and Tobago. Angostura has been making spirits that reflect the rich cultural history of the Caribbean since it was founded in 1824. Its name has become synonymous with high-quality rum production.

Angostura (Trinidad and Tobago)

Angostura has a long history that goes back to its dedication to quality and custom. The master blenders at the brewery carefully choose the best molasses from local sugarcane to use as the base for their rums. Every bottle of Angostura rum has the real tastes of Trinidad and Tobago because the distillery is dedicated to using only the best ingredients.

One thing that makes Angostura stand out is that it uses a multi-column continuous still, which lets them precisely control the distilling process. This makes rums that are smooth and steady, great for drinking straight up or mixing into drinks.

There are many different kinds of rums made by Angostura, and each one has its own taste and way of aging. From the bright and fragrant Angostura 1919 to the rich and decadent Angostura 1824, there is a rum for every taste and event.

Aside from its great rums, Angostura is also known for its aromatic bitters, which are used in many famous cocktails around the world. Angostura is known as a top maker of spirits and cocktail ingredients, loved by both drinkers and bartenders, thanks to its dedication to quality and new ideas.



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