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Types of Glass Bottles

As we can see in our daily life, glass bottles are very common. It’s an essential part of our lives. With the development of industrial technology, there are many new packaging materials open, but glass bottle can’t instead, like transparency, good chemical stability, can be recycled many times, etc. So what are the types of glass bottles?

Different Types Of Glass Bottles

Divide by uses:

  • Food Packaging  Bottle

Food Packaging Bottle

Different Types of Glass Bottles-Foood Packaging Bottle

Although glass bottles for food products are heavier than other plastic equivalents and risk breaking if dropped, they have a number of key benefits in terms of health and food safety. Glass bottles are chemically inert, which is very important to customers concerned about ingesting dangerous chemicals such as BPA.


  • Pre-Cleaned, EPA Level One Glass Bottles


Standards for contaminant-free, Pre-Cleaned EPA Level One Glass Bottles are set out in the U.S. Environmental Protection Authority (EPA)’s Specifications and Guidance for Contaminant-Free Sample Containers. Applications include lab-work, sampling, testing, and validation. Pre-cleaning is important because even brand-new bottles may contain contaminants from manufacturing or handling which will skew results.

Pre-cleaned glass bottles are supplied with caps attached and can be certified by a third-party before delivery. “Pre-cleaning” is a broad term and may refer to cleaning for contaminants, cleaning for particulate contamination, sterilization, or cleaning for visible particles.


  • Plastic-Coated Glass Bottles


Plastic-coated glass bottles provide protection from mechanical impact (dropped glass) and help reduce leakage of the bottles’ contents when the glass breaks. This is ideal for handling volatile substances as the plastic coating will contain the substance long enough after breaking the glass to arrange safe disposal.


Having plastic coating over glass gives users the chemical resistance of glass and the safety of plastic. The maximum temperature for these bottles is lower than glass-only bottles – plastic-coated glass bottles should not be used above 302 degrees Fahrenheit or over direct heat or flame.


We all know glass bottle’s main characteristics are non-toxic, tasteless, transparent, beautiful,good barrier properties also can reuse.

So we can see in our life many food packaging like honey, fruit tea, fruit and vegetable juice, wine, beer, soda water, milk, etc. They use glass bottle packaging that is very safe and healthy!


  • Medicine Packaging Bottle

medical bottle

Different Types of Glass Bottles-Medical Packaging Bottle

Glass bottle with good chemical stability, easy to seal and disinfect and sterilize, so it’s very important in medicine packaging.


  • Toiletry and Cosmetic Glass Bottles

cosmetic bottle

Different Types of Glass Bottles-Cosmetic Packaging Bottle

Like food packers glass bottles, toiletry and cosmetic glass bottles are popular because their chemical inertness means that the products applied to consumers’ skin do not contain chemicals leached from the packaging. Glass is used to protect the product, prevent deterioration and maintain odor and freshness. As with food packaging, the trend towards waste reduction is making glass an increasingly attractive alternative to plastic.


  • Perfume bottle


The perfume bottle has a long history, it using since 1000 BC when the Ancient Egyptians’ main use for glass was for storing perfume. Keep perfume preserve the fragrance, good sealing, and not have chemical change over time. Give people a more convenient experience!

perfume Bottle

Different Types of Glass Bottles-Perfume Packaging Bottle

Glass is also seen as more up-market and visually appealing than other packaging alternatives, with the look and feel of a perfume bottle being an important part of consumers’ purchasing decisions.


  • Spirit bottle.


Alcohol production is great, almost all of their package with the glass bottle, and mainly use round bottle.

spirit Bottle

Different Types of Glass Bottles-Spirit Packaging Bottle


  • Canned Glass bottle.

Most of the canned bottles are jars, capacity is generally 150ML ~ 1000ML.

Medicine bottle. This is used to package drugs, there have the capacity of 10 ~ 200mL brown screw-type narrow-mouth bottle, 100 ~ 1000mL infusion bottle, and a completely sealed ampoule bottle.


  • Chemical reagent bottle.

chemical bottle

Different Types of Glass Bottles-Chemical Agent Bottle

This is used for packaging a variety of chemical reagents, its capacity is generally 250 ~ 1200ml, most of them are screw mouth or grinding mouth.


  • Wine bottles


These usually come clear for white wines and tinted for red wines. This bottle is a standard for wine.

wine Bottle

Different Types of Glass Bottles-Wine Bottle

  • Olive Oil bottles


These tall and slender bottles typically hold olive oil. The Marasca bottles have a square body and the Dorica bottles are round.

Olive Oil Bottle



  • Sauce Bottles


Sauce bottles come in a variety of styles but do tend to be seen holding sauces in our favorite grocery stores, BBQ sauces, salad dressings are very common, although many brands have switched to plastic bottles over the years.

Divide by bottle shape

As we can see on the market, piano shape bottles, map shape bottles, star shape bottles, apple shape bottle, leaves shape bottles, shoe shape bottles, etc, they are many different kinds shape on global market.

Most companies and distillery will buy stock bottles and then use a label or shrink-wrap to brand them. Some may also print directly on the bottle or via silk screen printing. So it will be more beautiful for different shape bottles.



This heavy and strong bottle is very commonly used for chemical applications but is also used in food and cosmetic industries as well. They have a very apothecary look to them and suggest classic old world. The glass of these bottles is usually clear, blue-tinted or amber-tinted but can be available in green or frosted.

Customized Boston Round 375ml Bottles Wholesale For Wine/Vodka/BrandyIt’s widely used for chemical applications and food, this glass bottle usually clear also painted blue, green color, its features are round and short neck, very popular in the market!


  • Cylinder bottle

500ml 750ml Clear Cylinder Glass Bottles


As we can see for wine bottles, liquor bottles, brandy bottles, vokda bottles, whiskey bottles,sauce bottles are most cylinder shape.

Square Vodka Bottle 


The bottle body’s cross-section is square, its strength is lower than the round bottle and it is hard to manufacture, therefore using less. Most olive oil bottles and liquor bottles mainly square in shape.


  • Curved bottle


Although the bottle body’s cross-section is round, it is curved in the height direction, there has inner concave and outer convex, such as Vase type, calabash type, etc. It is very popular with users.


  • Skull bottle

These skull bottles are very popular recent’s very popular among young people, usually, you can see it at the bar. these bottles are very unique.


Divide by color

Different color Bottle

We usually see blue bottles, green bottles, black bottles, white bottles, brown bottles, etc. It’s based on personal preferences, made by painting deep processing technology.

Divide by size of the bottle mouth

  • Narrow-mouth bottle.


The inner diameter of the bottle mouth is smaller than 20mm, used for liquid materials packaging, such as soda water, a variety of spirits.


  • Wide-mouth bottle.


The inner diameter of the bottle mouth is between 20-30mm, and the bottle shape is thick and short, such as a milk bottle.


Divide by bottle neck shape


There have neck bottles, no neck bottles, long-neck bottles, short-neck bottles, thick-neck bottles, flask, etc.


Long-Necked bottles come in a variety of sizes but the most common woozy bottle sighting for me is the intrepid hot sauce or cocktail bitters. But cooking wines and some vinaigrettes are also prevalent.


A bottle typically has a long narrow neck and mouth while a jar typically has a wide mouth opening with much less of a neck.


Divide by material


Glass bottles have super flint material, ultra flint material, top-grade flint material, high flint material, middle flint material, flint material.



As a professional glassware manufacturer, We have a deep understanding of the glass industry. So that we can provide you with a complete guide on the types of glass bottles. And as a glass bottle factory, we can customize and produce the glass bottle for business application. If you have any requirement, please contact with our sales



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