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250ml Glass Bottles Wholesale

Among the dazzling array of beautiful exhibits, elegant packaging will make the product stand out, in an instant to attract customer’s eyes. When people buy spirit, besides the taste, outpackaging is also one of the most effective ways to boost sales. 250ml glass bottles wholesale use super flint glass material, which can clearly show the color and mellow quality of the liquor. Streamlined body design, smooth surface without blemish, enhance the grade of liquor. The thickened 250ml clear glass bottles bottom is equipped with anti-slip lines, which is conducive to the transportation and preservation of the bottle.

Buy Information About 250ml Glass Bottles Wholesale

MOQ:  10000 pcs
-Free Liquor Bottles Sample Offered.
-Global Delivery Within 30 Days.

If you want to buy 250ml glass bottles with lids, please click here to contact us.

MOQ: 10000 PCS
Bottle Capacity:250ml(8.5oz)
Material:Super Flint Glass Material
Bottle Size:Burgundy, Bordeaux, Port, and other shapes
Color:Transparent, Brown, Blue, Green, White, Black, and etc.
Stoppers:Cork, Screw Cap, Guala Cap
Application:Liquor, Vodka, Whiskey, Brandy, Rum, etc.

Each small liquor bottle‘s top comes with a stopper to keep the bottle sealed during use. 3 types of common bottle stoppers to choose from: cork, screw cap, guala cap. If there are special needs, we can provide customized bottle stopper service.

250ml glass bottle is a small glass bottles wholesale that is easy to transport and store. We provide customers with customized glass bottle services, like custom glass bottle size, color and shapes to meet spirit products packaging, transport, and sales requirement. We can also provide private label and printed logo service for small glass bottles with corks in bulk.

As a professional liquor bottle manufacturer, Ruisheng strives to build and improve The quality of the product. At present, Ruisheng has 20 professional liquor bottle manufacturing line, The daily output is 120000 PCS. Due to the 250 ml bottle is smaller, and the requirement of a bottle’s shapes is diversity, Ruisheng has invested 2 production lines of the most advanced 8s fully automatic machine, 3 production lines of CNC manual machine to produce the first – grade glass bottle.

After decades of development, our company’s 250ml glass bottles with stoppers are sold to more than 50 countries all over the world. Especially in the USA, the UK, France, Australia, Brazil, Argentina, South Africa,the market share of our products has reached 10%. With its excellent product quality and service attitude, Ruisheng glass bottle has won the favor of many liquor brands, glass bottle suppliers and wholesalers.

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