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40 Creative Glass Bottle Recycling Ideas

There are a lot of discarded bottles in the house that look messy? Now, read this guide about how to recycling glass bottles, here we share with you 30 creative glass bottle recycling ideas to help you turn discarded bottles into treasures.

Do you think you’re a creative person? If so, use these simple ideas to transform your glass bottles into artistic pieces!

40 Creative Glass Bottle Recycling Ideas

  • Water Glass

This is the first glass bottle recycling idea that we want to share with you. We can cut the glass bottle from the bottom. After sanding the cut, a water cup is formed. We can use it to drink water or coke.

glass bottle recycling idea-water glass

  • Healthy Spray Bottle

The healthy spray bottle is the second glass bottle recycling idea we want to share. Find an abandoned bottle, install a suitable spray head, and then a spray bottle is ready. It can be used for watering flowers or cleaning.

  • glass bottle recycling idea-spray bottleSoap Pump

It couldn’t be a better idea to make used bottles into beautiful shower gel bottles. Find a cute-shaped bottle,put the perforated wooden stopper into the bottle mouth,install a pressure pump. We can use it to pack shampoo, shower gel, etc.

glass bottle recycling idea-soap pump

  • Space-Saving Spice Storage

The fourth glass bottle recycling idea we recommend: Find a used jar and use detergent and paper to clean it up. Put sugar, pepper, salt, and other seasonings into the bottle and close the lid. Put different labels on the outside of the bottle to distinguish different types.

  • Candle Holder

You can clean the used bottle and use it to hold candy. In this case, it is conducive to the preservation and consumption of the candy

  • glass bottle recycling Chalkboard Storage Canisters

Glass bottle recycling idea: You can use used bottles to make message boards. We only need to clean the bottle and then decorate the surface of the bottle. You can directly post the message board directly to the surface of the bottle, which is easy to see.

glass bottle recycling idea-writing storage


  • Photo Container

Clean and add some colorful collages of paper. Roll your photo and insert it in a bottle where it is unfurling.

glass bottle recycling ideas

  • Plants Containers

Personally, I find it wonderful to put my flowers in these bottles. And, in addition, the flowers hanging from the ceiling, you save space in your small apartment.

glass bottle recycling idea

  • Wine Bottle Bird Feeder

We can cut a hole in the wall of the glass wine bottle, put water or grains in the bottle, and then use wire or rope to hang the bottle on the branches where birds frequent.

glass bottle recycling idea-bird feed

  • Table Decorations

  • Upcycled Lamp/Glass Bottle Light

  • glass bottle recycling idea-glass lightArt Craft

glass bottle recycling idea-art craft

  • Beautiful Bottle Tree

  • glass bottle recycling idea-bottle treeInexpensive Pen Holder

glass bottle recycling idea-pen holder

  • Glass Wall

Collect your entire empty glass wine bottle. And make a string of them with a robe. You can make a wall of these.

  • Fun Flower Vase

glass bottle recycling idea-flower vase

  • Bottle Bell Wind Chime

Bottle Bell Wind Chime

  • Halloween Decorations

  • Glass Chandelier

glass bottle recycling idea-glass chandelier

  • Garden Fence

  • Hat rack

  • Sewing Tool Box


  • Wishing light

  • Necklace

glass bottle recycling idea

  • Ring

  • glass bottle recycling ideaHanger




  • Diy Bottle

Coat on your glass bottles in a color you like. Now stick tape on the bottle once you have done this, remove the sticky tape and insert your favorites flower in it.

glass bottle recycling ideas

  • Colored glass bottle

Take your empty bottles and paint them in different colors. Then take decorate the place where you love to do artistic things.

glass bottle recycling ideas

  •  Bottle Jewelry

Paste some tussles and stickers on it and remove the cap side from the top. Insert your jeweler items in them and give it a space on your dressing table.

glass bottle recycling ideas

  • Candle Holder

You can make a charming candle holder with the glass bottle. Insert a candle in it to assure that the candle fits tightly in the bottle and doesn’t fall out.

glass bottle recycling ideas

  •  Yarn Glass Bottle

This application gives your bottle a rusty look. Take your glass bottle and wrap it all with the yarn of your favorite color.

  • glass bottle recycling ideas

  • Glass Bottle Aquarium

Give your fish a new home. Take your large wine glass bottle to add some color full stones in it. Put your little cute fish in it.

glass bottle recycling ideas

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