May 4, 2017

The feature of glass bottles

The mainly feature of glass bottles are non-toxic and tasteless; transparent,beautiful,good barrier property, hermetical, abundance raw material, low price and reused for many times. The glass bottles has the adantage of heat- resistant, pressure-resistant and easy to clean, it can be either high temperature kill virus , also can be low temperature storage. As there are many advantages, become to the preferred packaging materials of beer, fruit tea, wild jujube juice and so on.

The 71% liquor around the world filled in the liquor glass bottles. And China is also the highest perentage of country which use the glass bottles for liquor in the world. China uses 55 percent of the world’s glass bottles.The China use more than fifty billion glass bottles per year. Glass bottle as the mainstream of wine packaging, after one hundred years vicissitudes of life changes of wine packaging, it is still favored by the liquor industry as the advantages of stable structure, no pollution and low price. When companies want the packaging with the appearance of beautiful, also can give a person feels cold, glass bottles is the preferred packaging.Overall, the glass bottle is still the usual packing for liquor enterprises. Many of people like the glass bottles.