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10 Best Glass Bottle Decoration Ideas


The glass bottle is one of the substances we cannot do without in our environment. In each home, there are always one or two glass bottles that have been emptied. Most emptied bottles are thrown into the trash can as other usages are unknown. Rather than throwing glass bottles away, you can recycle them for other purposes. There are numerous glass bottle decoration ideas that you can come up with from those emptied glass bottles. This article will look at different decoration ideas with glass bottles.

Top glass bottle decoration ideas

1. Glass bottles as planters or vases

glass bottle decorating ideas

One of the ideas for decorating bottles is to use them as planters or vases. You can recycle glass bottles of different shapes and sizes for this purpose. You can use dried bouquet fillers to decorate glass bottles for this purpose. Plants such as coleus, ivy, rose, and more can be grown in the bottles. Using glass bottles as planters or vases ensures regular ventilation and fertilization. You can choose paint, ropes, and vines to decorate the glass bottles to make them more appealing.

2. Glass Bottle DIY Lamps

decoration ideas with glass bottles

Emptied glass bottles can be recycled at home into lamps. This is one of the most beautiful and valuable glass bottle decorations you can use at home. With this bottle decoration idea at home, you will build a new base for your lamp. To achieve this, you need paint, painter’s tape, and a pen or marker (to plug the cord into the hole). Other valuable materials are old cereal boxes (to be used as a funnel) and lampshades. The first thing is to clean the bottle both inside and outside and remove labels if there is one. After that, drill a hole in the back of the bottle before painting the bottle with your chosen paint. While doing the painting, cover the drilled hole for the painting not to mess it up. Plug the hole tightly using secure tape to avoid wiggling. From the cereal box, make a funnel from it to pour paint inside the bottle. After pouring a good quantity of paint, swirl it around to cover the inside perfectly and pour out excess paint. Turn the bottle upside down and leave the paint to dry up. Get generic bottle lamp kits and follow the guide that comes with it for installation. Insert the cord from the drilled hole into the bottle, letting it come out at the top. Then, fix your lampshade perfectly on it.

3. Use them for Fairy Lights

Another fantastic glass bottle decoration idea that you can make out of a used bottle is fairy lights. You need to get LED string lights with a beautiful outlook for this. You can make glass bottle DIY decorations with the string LED light and any bottle. This glass bottle decoration is helpful for events like holidays or party deco. To beautify your space with this glass bottle decoration, hang a slew of them to have an attractive vibe look.

4. Bottle Chandelier

ideas for decorating bottles

This is perfect for all spaces if you want unique decoration ideas with glass bottles. This glass bottle decoration idea involves cutting the glass bottle at the bottom. Then, a light will be stringed inside each bottle, and it will be suspended from the ceiling with a wood or metal holder. The process involved may be demanding in cutting the bottom of the bottle and the electrical labor involved. After you have done everything, the end product is always magnificent and impressive. For different shades of lighting, use bottles with different colors. The bottle chandelier is perfect for low lighting in homes and clubs.

5. Suitable for Vanity Organizers

This bottle recycling fits well for small glass bottle decoration ideas. The most suitable to use is the old mason jar. Although, other glass bottles can also serve the same purpose. It can be used to keep make-up brushes, cotton swabs, and earbuds. If you are using other glass bottles, cut the top and decorate it. To decorate the glass bottle if you wish to, paint it and wipe sandpaper over it. This is an excellent way of adding elegance to the vanity organizers’ glass bottle decorating ideas. In another approach, you can fill the inside with craft accessories like glitter while leaving the outside plain.

6. Chic Decor Pieces

This is a glass bottle decoration idea that speaks about your creativity. To achieve chic decor, shop for those things that align with your sense of beauty and creativity. You can obtain most of these items from local craft stores in various forms. Fill them into the glass bottle and seal them up. Another approach is using metallic spray paints to coat the empty glass bottles. You can use stencils or cutouts to create designs and patterns on the bottles.

7. Turn Glass Bottle into Candle Holders

You might have seen candles burning in glass bottles; it is one of the glass bottle decorating ideas. You can achieve this in homes through a simple and easy process. With craftiness, you need a bottle cutter, pliers, wine bottles, boiling water, and a sink. Place the bottle on the cutter firmly and rotate the bottle with pressure. You should rotate the bottle on the cutter once to have the score on it. After that, at the sink, pour hot water on the score line of the bottle evenly while rotating it. After about ten seconds, repeat the same process for cold water. Keep doing this with hot water and cold water until the bottle gets separated. With sandpaper, smooth the edges of the bottle before you dry it off. Fill the bottle with water and add the candle to make your floating candle holder. The cut glass bottle can also be used as a tumbler. And you can make your candle with it by filling it with candle wax.

8. Painted Decorative Bottles

With this creativity, you can not throw glass bottles into the trash but rather beautify your home. A painted decorative bottle is one of the glass bottle decoration ideas that can turn an empty bottle into a simple vase. To recycle your used bottle, you need oil and paper towels, soap and water, spray paint, and painter’s tape. Remove any label on the bottle and ensure the glass bottle is clean. Paint the glass bottle with spray paint to make it even and stylish. After the sprayed paint has dried up, tape off a geometric design at its bottom and paint it in the design. After the design has dried up, put some beautiful and pleasant-smelling flowers in it.

9. Glass Bottle as spray or dispenser

There are many glass bottles in some homes, and they do not know what to make of them. How to decorate glass bottles? Transforming them into another use is the best approach to disposal. To upcycle glass bottles, you can turn them into glass spray bottles or dispensers. You only need a spray nozzle with twist-off lids and a glass bottle with twist-off lids. You can use the bottle for household items such as soap, insecticides, air fresheners, etc.

10. Outdoor Bottle Tree

If you have many glass bottles, one of the creative glass bottle decoration ideas is the outdoor bottle tree. You can creatively use the bottles to build outdoor trees for your garden. Any shape or style of bottle can be used for this purpose. You can decide to Paint the bottles with different shades of color to make them more attractive and elegant. To do this, slip the bottles over the limbs of a tree or a wooden standing frame in your garden. With the upcycling of the glass bottle, you will give your garden a bright touch.


Most people do not know the great use of glass bottles. After emptying the content, they throw it into the trash can or drop it in the store. People should make full use of the glass bottles by upcycling them to add elegance to the home space. With your creativity, you can make out something unique from those bottles lying fallow around you. No glass bottles should be seen as waste products anymore.
There are many fun glass bottle decoration ideas at home for people of all ages. They can add a personal touch to your home decor, giving people gifts or showcasing your skill. Many types of glass bottles have unique styles based on the content they house. So you can carve out different glass bottle decoration ideas from them, such as painting. What you can come up with is endless as long as you are imaginative and creative around it. You can create beautiful and unique decorations with the glass bottle decoration ideas discussed. The result of your creativity will surprise you.

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