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Top 10 Glass Bottle Manufacturers in Japan

Do you want to explore the top 10 glass bottle manufacturers in Japan? Looking for a trusted source to identify the leading manufacturers? If yes, then check out this guide and explore accurate details about the professional glass bottle manufacturing company.

Japan is one of the well-developed countries to manufacture high-quality glass bottles. There are many manufacturers available out there to manufacture glass bottles. Dealing with a trustworthy manufacturer can help you to achieve your desired result.

A professional manufacturer has the major motive to produce creative and quality glass bottles. The bottles they manufacture can be useful for packaging various foods & beverages. This guide can let you gather the necessary details about the top 10 glass bottle manufacturers in Japan.

Some manufacturers are ready to produce quality glass bottles. Some manufacturers are in the position to produce quality glass bottles for many clients. Hence make use of this guide to collect more details about the top glass manufacturers in Japan.

The glass bottle manufacturers in Japan are very passionate about providing durable glass bottles to their customers. They offer the glass bottles at a very affordable rate. You can also find elegant & creative glass bottle sizes and designs. Go through the guide further and gather the list of the top 10 glass bottle manufacturers in Japan.

Top 10 Glass Bottle Manufacturers in Japan

There are a number of glass bottle manufacturers in Japan. Those who want to know the list of top 10 manufacturers, then take a look at below:

  1. Toyo Glass

Toyo Glass is one of the leading glass bottle manufacturers in Japan. If you are looking for a company that produces the future of glasses, then sure you can go with this company. They are the leading glass bottle manufacturer that is performing great in Japan. They have been manufacturing high-quality glass bottles since 1888. They are following the international reputation and standards for around 120 years to achieve the desired result.

They follow all the necessary technology & engineering rules & regulations to manufacture glass bottles. They are ready to manufacture the raw materials and other finished products and consider everything as a valuable asset. They can provide most advanced engineering services to different range of glass bottle industries. The industries they focus on are plant layout, furnace process & design improvements in batch mixing, forming, melting, packing and inspection.

toyo glass

They are better at exporting the different ranges of glass bottles. Their engineering and R&D are the highlight of their services to provide great results. Their overseas activities help them to expand their business across the globe. Here, you can find more than 200 kinds of different ranges of jars and bottles. Everything will be of great quality and help you achieve the desired result.

Toyo Glass is the leading manufacturer to produce these jars and bottles according to the universal design concept & lightweight technology to meet the marketing demands and requirements. Decoration like resin coating and multicolor printing is applied according to the needs of their customers. There are also many options available for the customers, and from that they can go with the most suitable one.

Their glass container exports are:

  • Ultra lightweight bottle
  • Private-mold bottle & jar
  • Returnable bottle
  • Universal design
  • Decorating technology
  • Ecology bottle
  • Sake bottle
  • Ramune bottle

Their overseas activities are:

  • Training in Japan
  • Dispatch of Engineers
  • Technical Symposium

Their Engineering and R&D are:

  • Lightweight Technology (Furnace Operation Technology, Forming Technology, Design Technology, Inspection Technology)
  • Gently Water-Soluble Glass
  • Single Container Water Hammer Tester
  • Inspection Devices
  • Shear Blade
  • CELVSS or Cullet Separation Device

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  1. Japan Seiko Glass

Japan Seiko Glass Co., Ltd is one of the leading top 10 glass bottle manufacturers in Japan. They have been active in this field since 1895. They have a history of around 120 years in this industry. Currently, they own the top market share in different range of cosmetic glass bottle industry in Japan. There is a different range of transparent bottles found in Japan that favours the beauty of the content effectively. It is the most essential reason for the various top market shares to give more contributions to increase sales to the next level. They are focusing not only on the cosmetic manufacturer but also a leading food & beverage manufacturer in Japan.

Japan Seiko Glass

They have participated in Korea, United States, Singapore and Taiwan exhibitions every year in recent years. They manufacture the best raw materials with extraordinary technology and state-of-the-art facilities with a strict quality control process. They also carry over the visual inspection effectively.

Get ready to order the sample cosmetic bottle from all other available products.  Understand the transparency when compared to the usage of the current bottle. Customers also slowly started increasing in this firm due to their extraordinary services.

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  1. Kobayashi Glass

Kobayashi Glass is also one of the leading top 10 glass bottle manufacturers in Japan. When you are looking for a glass bottle packaging solution, then you can hire this manufacturer without any hesitation. It is a great company that offers the most exclusive range of materials like PET bottles, ordinary glass bottles, paper containers, caps and films to the different variety of industries. They focus more on the food industry to serve very effectively. The glass products available in this firm are resin products, glassware, machinery & equipment and paper products. Here you can find group of skilled manufacturers to manufacture the necessary products.

Kobayashi Glass

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  1. Tosho Glass

In the realm of glass bottle manufacturing, Tosho Co., Ltd stands tall with the most impeccable craftsmanship. Tosho Glass is the leading in offering the best quality glass bottles. The company is dedicated to providing the best quality with the technological advancements. Tosho Glass also seamlessly integrates with tradition with modernity. The company has been making the best quality choice for many customers worldwide.

The company also delves into top glass bottle manufacturers extensively providing new designs of the products for the customers. Being the renowned glass bottle manufacturer for its vast reserves of quartz stone resources, Tosho Co., Ltd reached more than a billion tons of products. Normally, the average content in these reserves is more than 99.3%. It also makes the company’s grade and reserves with highest in the world.

Tosho Glass

Tosho Glass has a wealth of resources to craft exceptional glassware bottles. These are specially made from the best raw materials available. The glass bottle manufacturer combines its expertise in glassware manufacturing with abundant resources. These also involve delivering unparalleled quality in custom glass bottles.

Skilled team of designers and craftsmen in the company work tirelessly to provide the product with the best quality. These also meet the specific needs of clients and help to easily stand out in the viable glass bottles market. The company is also completely committed to offering excellence and customer satisfaction in better attributes. Tosho was established as a reliable partner for businesses seeking professional glass bottle manufacturers in Japan.

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  1. Asai Glass Inc

Asai Glass Inc. is also the leading glass bottle manufacturer in the industry, offering precision and innovative products. In October 1940, the company was established as a bottle wholesale business based at Asai Glass Bottle Factory. Isaburo Asai introduced the company, but it has been suspended temporarily during the war.

In December 1950, Asai Glass Inc. was reorganized by introducing many new products for customers. In March 1975, the Kyushu Sales Office was opened, and it became a massive approach for dealing with customers. The company massively transformed from a manufacturer to a trading company In 1996.

Asai Glass Inc

Asai Glass Inc. reached great success by improving its trading in the glass bottle sector and also assured of providing the best quality for customers. The company is also known for precision and tradition. It is also one of the powerhouses in glass bottle manufacturing, with distinct differences emerging.

There are many numbers of new products that have been introduced to ensure in enabling better stability. Asai Glass Inc. places a considerable emphasis on craftsmanship with easily blending on the traditional methods. The use of cutting-edge technology for manufacturing theglass bottle products in varied sizes and shapes is a prominent option. These also result in making products that aren’t just functional but also involve providing the essence of Japanese artistry.

Asai Glass Co., Ltd offers more numbers of options for customers to place orders. The company has been handling vast numbers of containers such as caps, inner stoppers and more. These also involve collaboration with the customers for further developments.

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  1. Nippon Closures Co., Ltd

Established in 1941, Nippon Closures Co., Ltd is one of the leading glass bottle manufacturers in Japan. Motoaki Kiri started this company with the motive of bringing the best quality glass bottles to the customers. The capital of the company is 500 million yen, and it is located in Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo. The company has been standing firm in the top position for its amazing quality products.

Nippon Closures Co, is well versed in using the advanced glass processing technology with assuring to stay ahead of the competitors. It also involves in bringing the products to market across varied sectors like hot stamping, coating and more. The company has been maintaining a complete, unrivalled level of technology in glass bottle manufacturing.

Nippon Closures Co., Ltd

Nippon Closures Co., Ltd contributes to the customers’ quality improvement by assuring thorough quality control. The company also continues to work with clients from across the world for constant collaborative development. The company has more than 1,329 employees as of March 2024.

Nippon Closures is also known for developing the best quality closures for easily enabling the safety attributes. It involves everyone using the closure safely and conveniently for 80 years. These are designed with more than 3 pillars of technology for protecting the contents in an absolute manner.

Nippon Closures uses complete tamper-evident technology to easily demonstrate the safety of contents even without any hassle. The company is also involved in bringing easy-open technology for ensuring ease of opening and use. Nippon Closures focuses on developing environmentally friendly products and works on reducing metal and plastic usage.

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  1. ETO

ETO Co., Ltd. is a reliable glass bottle manufacturer for produces the best-grade products with design labels. The company has been established with strong attributes of providing eco-friendly products. Established in the year1929, the ETO is known for providing glass bottles, PET bottles and more.

The company works to provide the best quality products based on the customers’ perspectives. It also provides services that satisfy the clients. All the employee performs work accurately with personnel training. In recent years, ETO has expanded its products that use plant-derived plastics along with many others. The company works on providing a complete, easy-to-understand solution for increasing bottle knowledge.


Glass bottle manufacturers offer total package proposals based on the requirements of customers. These are especially the original designs which are created based on the needs of clients. The company has a large customer base across the world with serves to the maximum.  Knowledgeable sales staff also visits the clients directly to give suggestions on bottles along with PET bottle containers.

These also involve providing better advice on choosing the right bottles for your requirements. It involves various factors for choosing the glass bottle with the compatibility of the contents. The expert team also involves the best innovative designers well versed in creating the original bottles. These are completely based on design and images suitable for your requirements. Customers can easily place the original orders in bulk on the ETO to get quality results.

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  1. Sakai Glass

Since 1885, the Sakai Glass factory has been very popular among Japanese glass bottle manufacturers. The company began the production of its bottles for oil and beauty water. Of course, glass has changed the size of the market because of its durability and quality. In the modern era, the company updates the glass bottles quality by using the glassblowing technique. They were invented in the 1st century BC, and the current basic method of glass bottle manufacturing kicked start. The company is famous due to its unlimited quality glass bottles to the customers. It allows a beautiful glass base to be created by passing via a high-temperature fire.

Glass bottles are completely made up of natural materials found in nature. They can be recycled completely and allowed making coexist with nature. They can easily be reborn by melting, and they are completely made up of the global environment as well. For the past decades, glass bottles from this company have had an outstanding response from customers. They gained appreciation and honor for its durable, long-lasting and good design. This company is mainly focusing on producing quality glass bottles for various customers. Sakai Glass factory has now gained unbreakable trust from the customers. The reason is the quality and genuine glass items and containers from them.

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  1. Horiuchi Glass Co., Ltd

Horiuchi Glass Co., Ltd is a top and leading glass manufacturer in Japan. The company is popular for producing chemical bottles, plastic containers, and original caps. The manufacturer begins business by manufacturing a range of glass items to the customers. This company is always dedicated to providing customer first motive to fulfill their requirements. Their motive is to find out high quality, safety and convenience as well for product development. Of course, Horiuchi Glass Co., Ltd is actively providing orders based on the expertise solution. The bottles produced by this company are always durable and strong.

Their bottles with stoppers are extremely airtight. Customers did business and received support from reagent and industrial chemical manufacturers from the time of our founding until the 1950s. From their sales activities, providing high-quality services and responding to customer requests were our top priorities. Horiuchi Glass Co., Ltd is currently doing business with a wide range of electronic materials and pharmaceutical customers. Seven sales representatives visit customers all over the country from our headquarters. The manufacturer likewise has a deals partner framework set up and has laid out an in-house emotionally supportive network to guarantee that it can answer rapidly to clients in any event when the salesperson isn’t free.

Horiuchi Glass Co., Ltd

This department controls product distribution. Through proper inventory management and quality checks, it continues to work toward the goal of delivering high-quality products to customers and controls quantities through purchasing (stocking) and production instructions. Additionally, it collaborates with the Saku Factory and the Quality Control Office to take action at partner factories. The company is mainly helpful for designing branded glass bottles as per the customer’s need.

Currently, they are constructing a production system and upgrading the quality control system so that the company can supply our customers with high-quality goods at fair prices that meet their requirements. Horiuchi Glass Co., Ltd has presented different test gadgets and assessment machines, and we control the nature of our items in light of information and materials acquired from the broad advancement history. The company is also pushing for the creation of an information infrastructure. Of course, it can quickly make recommendations based on information about the diverse product line.

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RYOZAI KAIHATSU CO.LTD is a top-notch pioneer in manufacturing glass bottles in Japan. Their success is producing small to large production of glass bottles in the market. They have their molding machine to make glass durable and strong. The company is mainly supportive of PET bottles by picking raw materials and performing them. RYOZAI KAIHATSU CO.LTD is always delivering high quality glass bottles to make their production double. Containers, jars, and glass bottles are their main products to produce in the Japanese market. The company offers a comprehensive set of services for the production of plastic bottles as part of material development.


The company supports PET bottle manufacturing by selecting and supplying PET bottle raw materials. It performs, utilizing our expertise as a molding machine manufacturer and providing complete engineering for mineral water manufacturing equipment. Containers for plastic bottles come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and capacities from them. They can make original plastic bottles with the labels and shapes you want. RYOZAI KAIHATSU CO.LTD can assist you in designing the mold and filling it with beverages, snacks etc., marks, covers, and other unique items. These include the design and engineering of mineral water production equipment, which includes everything from the production of plastic bottles to their filling with water and final finishing, as well as the manufacture and sale of molding machines for plastic bottles.

They manufacture and sell PET bottle-related equipment, as well as develop and manufacture PET bottle manufacturing machines and molds. Performs for PET bottles, synthetic resin raw materials like PET, ABS, PP, and nylon, injection-molded products like home appliances and communication devices, and other plastic-molded products like round bars, sheets, and so on are all sold. Improvement, assembling and dealing with different compartments like PET containers for drinks. The entire engineering of the equipment used to make mineral water. Powder Coating Company Powder coating in general and ultra-heavy-duty anti-corrosive saturated polyester for industrial metal parts, among other things.

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Finally, Japan’s glass bottle industry is growing at a high speed. The main reason is technological advancement and dedication to producing quality bottles. With many leading manufacturers, they have seamlessly operated for decades in supplying durable PET bottles as well. With modern innovation, Japan stands as the beacon for seeking precision, artistry and reliability in glass products. The glass bottle manufacturers are always professional in delivering good quality products.

The main motives of Japanese glass bottle manufacturers are precision, tradition and innovation. It is supposed to get adequate supplies within a short time. They can supply small and large productions. Bottle manufacturing in Japan is top news because of its unique craftsmanship and blend with traditional methods. With cutting-edge technology, it results in producing good quality glass bottles in Japan as well.

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